Let’s say that you made a business Facebook Page that you have professionally laid out and planned, only to realize that you made the major mistake of wrong spelling for your business name. Maybe you list the business under the wrong category or decide that the initial name you had for the Page is just isn’t impactful enough. If you have fewer than two hundred people subscribed to the Page, then you can always freely change the information of the Page at any time.

But what if you have more than 200 people already liking it? Facebook sometimes (i.e. rarely) allow the business Page to have their listed information altered.

How to change Facebook Page name or business information? Just follow the instructions we had in this article.

How to Change Facebook Page Name: 3 Methods for Different Situations


How to Change Facebook Page Name

First of all, you have to be the admin in charge of your own Page in order to change the name. Got that covered? Then you should be able to change the Page’s name through the following steps.

At the bottom of your Page’s cover photo, click “About”. Then go to “Page Info” in the tab on the left side. Here you will find the option to change your name. Click “Edit” over the “Name” section. Then type in your new name and “Save Changes”. Do note the username for the Page would not change the Page’s name.

If you are unable to see any options available to change the Page’s name, then there're a few possibilities. One, you might not be part of the admin and so you have no authority in changing the Page’s name. Two, the name has just been recently changed by either you or other admin. Third, it’s a dumb luck since the option might not be available in your location yet.


How to change Facebook Page Name After Several Likes

If you have reached 200 likes on your Page, then congratulations, but now for whatever reason, Facebook doesn't allow you alter your Page name or related information as easily as before. To avoid this problem, you would need to set up a proxy connection. It’s relatively safe, basically you are connecting through an internet provider from another country.

Using Google Chrome is recommended. Open the browser and go to its settings menu to search for “Proxy”. Alternatively, post this on your address bar: “chrome://settings/search#proxy”.

From here, click on “Change Proxy Settings” under “Network” and an “Internet Properties” window will pop-up. Click the “Connections” tab and then “LAN settings” on the bottom. Another window will pop-up named “Local Area Network (LAN) Settings”. Tick the box for “Use proxy settings for LAN”. For the address enter “” and port “8080”. The IP address you entered is for Japan, probably the fastest among the proxy, since proxy does make your internet connection so much slower.

Now that that’s dealt with, it's now back to your Page. Follow the steps in Part 1 to the “Page Info” tab. You will need to set both “Category” fields to “Local Business” and delete whatever you have as “Address”. Save the changed.

It’s not done yet. You will now need to go to “Translated Name” under the same “Page Info” tab. Four languages will be available there and you just need to fill in one. For the language you enter, you will need to include the following symbols based on the language you pick. It will auto-translate that name for you.

Add the ッ symbol for Japanese, 人 for Mandarin,ㅿfor Korean, and the Arabic symbol is ـا.

For example, say you pick the one for Japanese, then you enter the new page name with ッat the end. I.e. “SUKABUMI PTD. ッ”.

We now need to change the language of your Facebook. Scroll to the bottom of the page and if you are using the English version then you will see “English(US)”, click on it and change the language to what you enter for the “Translated Name” earlier. For the example, we are using Japanese so pick that.

Once the language is changed, every text on the screen should be on that selected language. We shall now change the address of the Facebook Page. Back to the “Edit Info” page, click the 5th option from the top. Follow the following instructions closely since you probably can’t read the language you have chosen:

For Korean, Japanese or Mandarin, first box input: “00000”, second box: “Amman, Jordan”, third box: “Jordan”.

For Arabic, first box input: “Jordan”, second box: “Amman, Jordan”, third box: “00000”.

Save them with the map. Change the language back to English(US) or whatever you were initially using. Your Page name is now replaced by the new name you have typed in, along with the pesky little symbol at the end.

Finally, to remove that symbol at the end, it's back to your “Page Info” tab. Remove the address listed and make sure it's empty. Remove and turn off the map related to your address. The “Translated Name” will now include “English” in the option. Remove the little symbol from the text and “Save Changes”. Change the address once again to “Newyork”, with the City/Place to “Newyork, Newyork”. Save once again.

You have now successfully changed your Facebook Page name.


How to Change Facebook Page Name Before 60 Days

It’s one of the few new limitation Facebook added. You aren’t allowed to change your profile or Page name the within the first 60 days. Use this if you desperately need to change the name in that period, since it might hurt your reporting credibility with Facebook and it doesn’t fully change your name in a way. To get around the limitation, it will require you to do the following.

From the “Settings” menu of your Page, go to “Security”, scroll to the bottom of the page and choose to “Deactivate your account”. A pop-up window will appear and choose “My account was hacked”. Click on the “here” link directed from the instruction given.

Click through some “Continue” buttons until you reach a page that prompt you for a new password. Fill it up and click “Continue” again. You will then be asked for a review on your existing email Address for confirmation. Pick it up and “Continue”. They will then ask you to change your email password though it is not necessary. “Continue” further.

You will finally arrive at the name change option. The box beside the “Name” will contain a drop-down menu, which contains a name that you might have used previously or name remotely similar to the one you are currently using. While you can’t fully change the name you are currently using, the list given is decently extensive and at the right spelling. “Continue” on once you pick one.

The next window is on extra security for your account. You can choose to ignore it and “Continue”. There you have it then, that is how to change Facebook Page name before the 60 days limit. With that being said, you aren’t allowed to create new names, but you could try the method multiple times as desired.

Or you can go with the more boring and less successful method by sending Facebook a request form for profile name changing.


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