Not everyone already knows how to change a diaper instantly. If it is your first time and you lack experience with baby care, then changing diapers can be very challenging. But with enough practice, you can do it like a pro. This article will give you a step-by-step guidance on diaper changing.

How to Change a Disposable Diaper


Start with clean hands and clean change table. You might want to lay a clean cloth on the table before you put down your baby. Get a new and clean diaper, place the back half under your baby and make sure it reaches your baby’s waist. The back half is the one with tabs on the side.


Open the tabs of the dirty diaper and immediately fold the tabs so they won’t stick to your baby. Remove the old diaper by pulling down the front half of the dirty diaper from your baby. 


If your baby pooped on the old diaper, use the front half of the diaper to remove it. Always wipe from front to back especially if your baby is a girl. This is to prevent the bacteria from spreading to his or her genitalia.


Now fold the dirty diaper under the bottom of your baby. The dirty diaper’s clean side should be the one on top in order to make a clean layer between your baby’s bottom and the new diaper. When doing this, grasp your baby’s ankles with one hand and gently pull them upward.


Use a damp baby cloth, wipe or gauze to clean your baby’s front. Again, how to change a diaper if your baby is a girl? Always wipe from front to back. This is just a simple reminder but worth a lot.


You may lift your baby or roll him or her gently on one side to cleanse the bottom if he or she pooped. Use another clean baby wipe to wipe the bottom including the creases of his or her buttocks and thighs.


You may use a soft cloth to dry your baby’s bottom, or simply have it air-dried. If your baby is prone to diaper rash, always keep a rash cream handy. But the most effective ways in preventing diaper rash are regular diaper checks and changes for dry bottom.


Set aside the dirty diaper. And the clean one should now be ready under your baby’s bottom if you've followed the previous steps properly.


You may now pull the front side of the new diaper to your baby’s tummy. Another tip on how to change a diaper of a baby boy is to put his penis downward so that he is unlikely to pee on the diaper’s top part.


If you are changing the diaper of a newborn, don’t cover his or her umbilical cord stump. Let it dry and fall off on its own. There are disposable diapers especially designed for newborns. They contain notches for the stump. Or you may just fold the front half of a regular diaper.


The part of the diaper in between your baby’s legs should be spread out properly because it may cause discomfort if it is bunching.


Take the tabs on the back half of the diaper and fasten them on the front half. Make sure they are not sticking on your baby’s skin as it could hurt or irritate your baby’s sensitive skin. Another tip on how to change a diaper properly is by making sure that the diaper is not fastened too tight or not pinching.


Now you’ve successfully changed your baby’s diaper! But don't forget to clean the changing area after you've clothed your baby. Make sure to put your baby in a safe place while cleaning.


If possible, flush any poop into the toilet. Fold and fasten the dirty diaper with its tabs and dispose it properly. If it is compostable, follow the instructions set by the manufacturer.


Don’t forget to wash your hands properly after changing a diaper. If you can’t find a sink, you may use a hand sanitizer instead.

How to Change a Cloth Diaper


Wrap style cover

Get the cloth diaper and lay it lengthwise. Fold the front to the desired length and then fold the sides to the middle, making the cloth folded into thirds. You can also use the wrap style cover. Put the cloth in this cover, make sure it is fitted well, and then close the cover.


Flying angel wing

Lay the cloth on a flat surface and then put your baby down on it, making sure that the short side of the cloth is on your baby’s waist. The part on your baby’s bottom must be folded into thirds and then you should put it up between your baby’s legs. Round the back sides to front and carefully pin.



Another method on how to change a diaper is the twist method. If you prefer larger leg openings, then try this one. Lay the cloth diaper on a flat surface and put down your baby. Make sure the short side of the cloth is at your baby’s waist. Turn the bottom part over 180 degrees and then pull upwards between the baby’s legs and pin carefully.

Tips for Changing Your Baby’s Diaper


Get your supplies together

Make sure to have everything that you need prepared. Clean diapers, baby wipes, cotton balls, a flat surface, warm water and a rash cream if necessary. 


Keep your baby safe

Just like what was mentioned above, never leave your baby unattended. Changing tables have safety straps to buckle and hold your baby. But still, make sure to hold your baby carefully even if you are just going to pick up something because babies, including newborns, can stretch or crawl and get out of that strap. Don’t get your eyes off your baby, not even for a second.


Be prepared for anything

For baby boys, put a cloth on his penis to prevent the walls or even you becoming a target from a stream of urine. Also, don’t waste clean diapers and let your baby finish pooping before changing. 


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