Having pets is one way to have a life companion. The two most common pets that people go for are dogs and cats. Among the two, cats are usually the more mysterious ones. If you have recently acquired a cat, you will notice that it would really take some time for her to adjust to you. Even after you have tried feeding her, there still seems to be a gap between you and the cat. However, there are ways that can help you know how to bond with your cat. Check out the following 10 best ways to bond with your cat.

10 Best Ways to Bond with Your Cat


Provide a comfortable and happy environment

If you want to know how to bond with your cat, you first have to make sure that she is in a comfortable and happy environment. You will notice that cats are curious animals and they like to climb on things and scratch. They are very territorial and would want to have a space of their own. Set up some perches and scratching posts for your cat to play around with. Aside from this, provide a cozy cushion where she can rest and feel comfortable. Doing so can help your cat to feel happy and safe with you.


Set a playtime with her

When you decided to get a cat, you also decided to have another companion. Like any companion, it is important that you spend time with your cat. If you are wondering how to bond with your cat, it might help if you set a playtime with her. Get them different types of toys and figure out which ones your cat enjoys the most. Also, do not just let them play alone. Join her and play little games to gain her trust.


Talk to her

Provide companionship to your cat by talking to her. Make her feel that she is part of your life. Start by talking to them about your day. This may feel a little bit awkward at the beginning but it is a useful way for her to get used to your presence. She will soon recognize your voice and would even look forward to conversations with you. She will also be more aware of your emotions and may start warming up to you.


Respect her privacy

You will notice that cats are mysterious animals. You will see changes in their moods through their eyes and actions. There are times when they seem really energetic while there are also times that they seem cold and distant. If you want to know how to bond with your cat, you also have to know when to give them space and privacy. Forcing them to spend time with you may irritate them and prompt them to scratch you. Understand her moods and act accordingly until she begins to warm up to you.


Groom her

You will begin to develop a bond with your cat if you know how to groom her. As your cat gets used to the environment of your home, she will begin to explore dirty areas and pick up parasites that can stick on her skin. As such, you have to make her accustomed to grooming early on. You can start by simply brushing her skin. Some cats will then see this as part of their daily routine. However, when grooming her, you have to remember not to use force and to allow her to leave when she feels like it.


Pet her and learn her cues and signals

As you bond with your cat, you will soon notice that she uses certain cues and signals to let you know of her needs. Study these cues so you will know how to approach her. Some cats would try to get near you and expose their belly, which means that you are free to scratch and pet them. However, if your cat seems to be the mysterious type, you can start by approaching her slowly with your hand. If your cat backs away, she may not be ready yet. But if she lets you pet her, then she may already be used to your scent.


Feed her

The way to anyone’s heart is through his stomach. If you want to know how to bond with your cat, you have to let her know that you are the one feeding her. Let her be aware of this by setting a certain time for feeding. She will soon recognize you and your role and will start warming up to you and being nice.


Give her treats

Aside from giving your cats some food, it is also essential that you give her treats. When she realizes that you are the one giving her goodies, she will want to spend time with you. Make sure not to give her goodies every so often. Give them only when she has done something that you like. This will also help her become behaved and free of ill manners. Feel free to mix up treats to add a little excitement and surprise.


Stay calm

The instincts of animals are quite strong. Your cat can easily sense your emotions. If you want to understand how you can bond with your cat, try being calm whenever you are around them. Talk softly and be cheerful when giving toys and treats. This will make them calmer and ready to warm up to you. If you do otherwise, your cat will learn to be vigilant and always ready to attack. She may learn to be grumpy and hyperactive.


Give her some catnip

If you want your cat to warm up to you, give her some catnip. Catnip is an herb from the mint family that cats are very fond of. To start, you can buy toys with the scent of catnip and introduce them to your cat. You can also buy a big bag of catnip and rub some leaves in your hands. The oils of the catnip would stick to your hands and, when you try to approach your cat, she will become more friendly and lively.


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