House blessing has been around for years, it is a way to cleanse the home and to make it full of love and happiness. When a house blessing takes place, the home is infused with health, harmony, happiness, prosperity and love. By doing this, you are creating a space that is uniquely yours, and one in which you can grow happily. Many people look at how to bless a house on their own, which is attainable, while other people may look to their religious figures for a house blessing. Here we will talk about both in detail.

How to Bless a House by Yourself or with Your Family and Friends

There are several steps house blessing on your own, however, you can do this easily, through knowing the steps of what to do.

Choose sacred music to play and ask everyone who attends to stand in a circle.


To start off, show your appreciation to those family relatives and friends who come to your call to bless the house.


Have a pink candle that lit, and pass this around the circle. As each person gets the pink candle, they can share a blessing that they hope to have in the home. The reason that the pink candle is used in how to bless a house is because of pink being the color for energy of love and kindness.


For those who want to bless certain rooms of their home, they can repeat the process in each room and say a blessing that they wish for that particular room.


Once everyone has said their blessing and you have gone to each room to bless, then you need to place the pink candle in the heart of your home. You will then need to open all the windows and doors on the East side of the home to invite in the air that is known for its energy.

How to Bless a Home in Religious Methods

If you decide to use a religious method to bless your home, you will find that this can be a bit more complicated. But, it is completely doable.

Christian Blessing

It is an ancient tradition among those in the Christian religion, including Protestant, Orthodox and Roman Catholics, to bless the homes of those who wish this. The process is simple, and most priests are happy to do this for anyone. You can also do this on your own with the use of extra virgin oil that has been blessed.

  1. In each room, the priest or yourself, will sprinkle holy water and recite passages from the Bible.

  2. If you do this on your own, take the anointing oil and mark each window and door with a cross.

  3. As the sign of the cross is made in each room, be sure to ask God to bless the house and the room in particular.


Jewish Blessing

The answer to how to bless your house in the Jewish religion is a bit different. When a Jewish family moves into a home, there are a few steps they have to follow:

  1. A person must affix the mezuzah to each doorway within the home.

  2. While the mezuzah is being installed, the prayer must be recited the contents. This prayer is meant to ask for the blessing of the home.

  3. Ensure that the first items moved into the home are bread and salt, and that you move into the home on Tuesday, as these are two aspects which are believed to help with the blessing of a home.

  4. Have a Chanukat Habayit, which is a housewarming party in which you will eat the fruit of the new season and recite the Shehecheyanu blessing.


Hindu Blessing

For those who wish to perform a Hindu blessing, they will need to:

  1. Perform the house blessing on the first morning of moving into a home.

  2. Provide a gift for the priest performing the ceremony as this is tradition.

  3. While the ceremony is taking place, the new home owners are going to sit in their best clothing and repeat the mantras. The priest will be blessing the home during this time.


Islamic Blessing

With an Islamic blessing, a person is free to do this on their own. The steps include:

  1. As soon as you move in, do the two cycle prayers of baraka, rahma and dhikr.

  2. Recite the pray that is supposed to protect the home from the evil and envy of others.

  3. Invite family and friends over afterwards for a meal you provide as a charitable act to show your gratitude for the house blessing.

  4. You can even bless the home upon entering it every time with a prayer.


Buddhist Blessing

In order to make a Buddhist blessing, a person must invite 9 monks and some guests into their home. Then:

  1. Monks will perform the ceremony in which they use scared water and wax candles to ride the evil and sorrow from the home.

  2. Prayers will be chanted in the home which is meant to help protect the house and all those who live there.

  3. The family will then need to feed the monks, and the meal must be finished before noon.

  4. Holy water will be sprinkled in each room before the monks leave.

  5. After the monks have left, the guests of the home will perform the thread ceremony which is meant to offer their blessing to the family.


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