The process of becoming a Victoria’s Secret angel seems like trying to fly too close to the sun. It is a great idea in theory but actualizing the idea is challenging and complicated. Part of it involves meeting celebrities, fights, fame and wearing the best clothes. But becoming one of the angels requires hard work, devotion, years of practice, and sometimes luck. Here is a complete guide on how to become a Victoria's Secret angel.

You Have to Fit the Requirements


Have the Standard Body Shape

Victoria’s Secret has the same height requirement as all high fashion. Angels must be 5 feet 8 inches to 6 feet tall. Victoria’s Secrets sells lingerie and hence prefers an hourglass shape. The most desired measurements are a bust of 34 inches, waist of 24 inches, and hips of 34 inches. Variations may be accepted if a model has other outstanding attributes like a beautiful face.


Be Young

Victoria’s Secret prefers models with longevity. Older models are excluded unless they have a strong position in the fashion industry. Younger women between 18 and 22 years are preferred.


Look Great

Victoria’s Secret models are featured in magazines but do not enjoy the same advantage during the auditions or the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Models should have the required physical position to walk the runway in lingerie and high heels before casting directors or on live television. A model must have a toned body, smooth skin, and glossy hair. The face is the most important feature in a model’s appearance. Common characteristics include high cheekbones, chiseled features, a small nose, and full lips.


Make Women Like You

A Victoria’s Secret model should have an attitude that appeal to women, who form the major customer base. Desired qualities include intellect, assertiveness, and friendliness. Models represent Victoria’s Secret and so their behavior should not tarnish the brand image.


Get an Agency

Getting an agency is an important part of how to become a Victoria's Secret Angel. Ford Modeling Agency and Elite Model Management handle most of the models. Models have contracts with these agencies, which negotiate new contracts and find jobs for their models. Victoria’s Secret does not consider models without an agent.

You Have to Prepare Yourself


Be Ready at All Times

Models and anyone who wants to be an angel must show up to all events with their hair and makeup ready for a flight. They must wear heels to all occasions except when working out. A model must always be ready for a photo shoot. Waking up earlier than the call time is advisable to put on makeup before the cameras.


Have Many Poses

Some of the poses that a Victoria’s Secret Angel should have include the peace sign, huge smile, blowing a kiss, wink, and kissy face. A model should learn to pose with their hands in the air as if she is having her best time ever. Models should adopt natural poses, rather than trying to give postures they are not good at. For example, if you can't give sexy and natural wink, then try blowing a kiss instead.


Keep Focused

Angels should never lose focus on their goals. They should keep their eyes on the prize even when tempted with the wrong diet especially during holidays. A model must determine how bad they want to win and try everything they can to get what they want. However, a model should have another real job to support their dream.


Be Confident in Lingerie

One of the secrets of how to become a Victoria’s Secret Angel is confidence. A model may not be 100% confident at first because she is not used to being exposed and in front of a crowd wearing lingerie. However, she must try her best to be confident because the results show in the final product.


Strut as a Queen

All models on the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show strut down the catwalk confidently like they own it. A model requires confidence and practice for such a strut. Models must learn how to walk with the music, feel the energy, have fun, and show their personality as they walk. A perfect strut requires attitude, personality, practice and confidence.


Persistence Is Vital

Becoming one of the Victoria’s Secret Angels is a long journey. Many models work for 10-15 years and handle many rejections before they become Angels. Models must not give up on their dreams while learning how to become a Victoria’s Secret angel.


Have a Good Time

Victoria’s Secret angels must live as if they are having fun and check their balance as well. They are doing something they love and hence should have a great time. Even if they wake up feeling cranky, they should enjoy their job because they are living their dreams and getting paid for it.


Eat Healthy and Exercise

Exercise is necessary in becoming a Victoria’s Secret Angel. Models may not love exercising but they have to do it to win. Models who do not like going to the gym can play outdoor sports or try yoga. Victoria’s Secret models should try to do lots of cardio and Pilates, and take Barre classes.


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