Being attractive would probably be either extremely daunting for many or as natural as walking for others. Knowing how to make it happen is what differentiates them. A guy you considered ugly might score more women than that hot colleague you know. Is it about having thick wallets? It could be. Pairing the dappest clothes with a well toned body? More likely than not, that answer will be a resounding yes. Confidence is sexy is the mantra, understanding that will turn you into the most irresistible man or lady. So, how to be more attractive?

6 Things You Should Know About How to Be More Attractive


Confidence is sexy

No matter how good you going to look, if you carry yourself like the normal average Joe, all those people attracted to you will bound to leave eventually. Confidence is an aura that draws people in, be it charisma or just the way you walk, people will bound to be intrigued by your high self-esteem. Confident people stand out and are noticeable. People want to know how you are so self-assured, so comfortable in your own skin. Would rather go for that insecure guy, who constantly needs attention and just need your energy for constant reassurance? Yeah, I don’t think so.


Good looks matters

Contrary to what I said earlier, looks still matter. That’s how you get people to feel comfortable enough to approach you anyway. We humans are predisposed to have cognitive biased towards the physically attractive. In other words, we are all subconsciously shallow people. A friend of mine made the perfect analogy for being born superficially superior. If life is a dating game, the good lookers starts the game on easy mode, while the fat ones are all playing on hard difficulty. That’s why the fat people are expected to be funny or else they simply will lose out. But take note that looking good does not necessarily means that you are attractive.


Makes sure your clothes fit

Fit as in the right size and also fit in suitable. You don’t want to wear anything that is roomy. That is not a fit. That is you wearing clothes larger than you are. That’s just drawing attention away to that one flaw. It’s really easy making stylish expensive clothes looking like second-hand garbage under the wrong hands (or in this case, body). There is an art to this, but in general you want something that feels slightly grippy, yet not too tight. Also, men past their 25s, STOP WEARING THE PLAID SHIRT WITH JEANS COMBO, it’s a serious turn-off.


Keep it straight

One of the simplest ways to exude confidence is to straighten up. That’s it. Just straighten up. Good posture makes a huge difference in your appearance. In fact, one of the defining factors that for attractiveness is your height. Appearing taller makes you more attractive. We’ve hunched so much over slaving away in from of the computers or desk, ruining our back more than anything. If you need to remain conscious to keep your back straight, then do it. You will feel more confident with your chest out anyway. Once it becomes as natural as breathing, that sense of confidence might stay with you.


Stop eating trash

This is something you must pay attention to if you want to know how to be more attractive. Seriously, take outs and whatever you order from those cheap fast food restaurant is killing you inside out. Let’s ignore the health consequences and skip to the major problem, you will look less attractive. Food affects your mood and looks. You are what you eat, eating junks messes up your hair and skin and whatever is circulating inside your body. Although, saying that proper diet is useless without a total change in lifestyle. If you really can’t afford to do so, then start small, something like pledging that the only drinks should ever drink would be plain water.


Exercise regularly

Aside from the last two points, being meta is on every article for being attractive and improving your looks, exercising is great at keeping you confident. One the main reason anyone will hit the gym is for a better body. I would rather be buffed and ugly than being fat and ugly. Confidence is about being true to yourself, and it’s about having a high self-esteem. The more toned your body is, the more that confidence will follow. Besides, those sweet well-sculpted abs will give an extra reason for a potential partner to approach you.

How to Be More Attractive: 3 Tips, Especially for Men

Above part is more for everyone, but when it comes to how to be more attractive for men, here we got 3 especially important tips. Honest and sincere suggestions from a male friend of mine!

Never skip the grooming

It’s not just for women anymore, self-care and grooming should now be part of the daily ritual for men before you left the door. Sure, you still your daily brushing, flossing, shower and deodorant, but that’s not enough. It’s about time to care about your skin and face. Embrace it, no, it isn’t gay. Proper skin care leaves your skin looking brighter, younger and, well, more attractive. For a start, invest yourself with a proper face cleaning product. Washing your face with bar soap leaves your skin dry and worse off.


Get the right haircut

Like most men, I have zero idea what to do with my hair, at all. So I decide to visit the barber once a month to reset your hair back to same look. Maybe it’s just this stereotypes we are breaking away from, that men shouldn’t be picky and feminine about anything. A different haircut could drastically change your look. It’s not simply shortening of the hair to make room for more to grow. Get a barber (or a stylist as they prefer to be called), bring a photo along to better communicate what you had in mind, or just leave it to the hands of the barber. Me? I’m still trying everything, see what sticks, don’t really get much progress when you can only do it once a month.


Beard changes everything

You might have seen that photo floating on the internet about how a man looks fearsome with a thick beard, and looks boring and docile with them shaved. If you are blessed enough to be able to grow a full lush beard, give it a try once in a while. If you need to look professional, a beautifully trimmed beard could emphasize your jawline. If you think that lush beard is repelling the ladies away, then drop the fedora and scarf, trim it short and neat, wear a suit and watch the magic happens.

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