Knowing how to be a good salesman is a very important part in the life of every professional - no matter what sector you work in, or what your designation and job responsibility is. Especially if you work in sales, or if you are responsible for the progress of your company, you need to become a great salesman who can correctly represent your business to others. Being a good salesman is to be someone who is great at their work, who is responsible and loyal, and who never gives up.

15 Surprising Secrets of Successful Salesmen

There are some things that distinguish a successful salesman from everyone else in a workplace, and these secrets are what make all the difference.

They Understands Clients

To know how to be a good salesman is to understand the needs of your clients, even better than they know themselves. Good salesmen will not stop until they find out exactly what the customers need, and they will work until that need is fulfilled.


They Put Importance on Relationships

Good salesmen know that what's most importance in business is the relationship with the customers. Sales and profit are the aftermath of the relationship, not something to be looked forward to at first. This is why, to know how to be a good salesman is to first invest into creating a good relationship, and then think about profit.


They Know How to Listen

Good salesmen know the importance of listening - to the customers, to their needs and complaints, as well as their feedbacks. It is through careful and patient listening that salesmen can truly understand the effect of their business and their customer's needs.


They Think of the Whole Business

To know how to be a good salesman is to think of the whole business, and not only about making a sale. Good salesmen, at all times, sees the whole business as their responsibility instead of just their own duty to promote sales.


They Always Remember Their Customers

Good salesmen would never forget a customer immediately after a sale has been completed; rather, they remember their past customers and if possible, check in with them every now and then.


They Think of Clients as Leverages

A client is not merely a customer to a good salesman, but a leverage that can connect the business to more new clients. Therefore, knowing how to be a good salesman is to know that each and every client is a potential link to more clients in the future.


They Over-Deliver

To be successful in any profession, it is important to over-deliver, i.e. the success of a business depends on how the clients are pleasantly surprised by a company's service, and that the clients always receive results that surpass their expectation. For this reason, good salesmen always over-deliver what they have promised.


They Also Over-Promise

In most cases, people tend to under-promise so that what they deliver later is a present surprise. However, knowing how to be a good salesman is to also know that under-promising might also mean that you are demeaning your own company. When a salesman under-promises, he might not be selling his service right. Therefore, good salesmen not only over-promise their service, they deliver results that surpass the promise.


They Are Always Looking Ahead

Good salesmen are always working, always looking for better and newer ideas, to improve their company and increase sales. They almost never take a rest, but always keep on working in their minds for better results in the future.


They Always Want the Best

Knowing how to be a good salesman is to never settle for mediocre or good enough, but only the “best”. In everything that they do - in every sales and every plan - good salesmen go on working until they can achieve the very best.


They Regard Failures as Investments

To good salesmen, a failed sale is not a failure, but an investment or an experience. Even if some sale fails due to circumstances, they consider that to be an experience that will help them in the future, or an investment that will be fruitful later.


They Believe in Their Company

Good salesmen must first wholeheartedly believe in their own company if they want to convince their customers. If they don't believe in their own products or service, any attempt to convince the customers would seem half-hearted and forced.


They Are Always Prompt

Good salesmen should have excellent time management skill; they must know how to properly use their time so that they can make every minute of every day count as investment into their professional career.


They Are Charismatic

Charisma and presence are two qualities that you need to possess in abundance in order to be a good salesman; these two qualities are what make a salesman great, and make the customers attracted to you. Good salesmen use their own special charisma to charm and persuade a customer into making a successful deal.


They Are Confident

Besides charisma, good salesmen are also very confident. By speaking and behaving confidently, they will be able to convince a customer to believe in them and in their business. Confidence is key in any profession, but it is extra important when you are a salesman that is trying to make a deal with a customer.


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