Ah, the thrill of kissing for the first time. It feels so magical, like it has no parallel to it, right? But here’s the bummer – you aren’t confident in your kissing skills. In fact, you’re desperate to search for ways on becoming a better kisser, especially for guys. And well, your cause for concern is valid. A kiss can make or break a deal and if you’re a poor kisser, you might simply end up losing the girl you like because you don’t know how to kiss properly!

How to Be a Better Kisser for Guys

There are certain dos and don’ts you have to keep in mind when kissing a woman. So what are they? Scroll down to read them:

Dry lips are a turn off

And this means that you, a man, has to take care of your lips by keeping them moisturized properly. Oh, the horror! Right? Having to be seen in public behaving like a *gasp* woman! How humiliating! Get it over yourself. Taking care of your body is what humans should do, irrespective of their gender.


Say no to stinky foods before kissing her

You’re way too stupid if you have to be told this. This is common sense. How do you expect a girl to like your kiss if your breath smells of onions and garlic? Disgusting! That is definitely one important way on how to be a better kisser for guys.


Keep breath mints handy

If you’re too forgetful, if the situation arises unexpectedly that you have to kiss a cute girl, or if you have chronic bad breath which you should totally get checked, then keep breath mints in your pocket. Always.


Focus on more than her lips

So yes, while you do have to kiss her with your lips, there is so much more that you can do. Here are a few things that come to mind:

  • Tilt your head

  • Close your eyes

  • Smile before kissing her

  • Hold the back of her head gently with your hands

  • Smile when kissing her

  • Touch her collar bone lightly

  • Kiss her on the eyelid, nose, check, neck, etc.

  • Nibble on her lips very gently (if she’s into that sort of thing)


Don’t be forceful

Yeah, that “macho man” thing doesn’t work when you’re kissing a woman, until and unless she’s explicitly stated that she’s into it. Begin gently and slowly. Build a momentum. Don’t immediately force your tongue inside her mouth. Play with her lips for a few seconds and wait for her response before using your tongue.


Enjoy the moment

Here’s the thing about how to be a better kisser for guys. If you’re kissing her for the sake of kissing, like something you have to get over with so that the two of you can take your clothes off, then you are not going to enjoy it. And she can tell that, which would in turn mean that she’s not gonna enjoy it either. When you make the move, don’t think about anything else except kissing her and making her happy. Sounds sappy, I know. But whatever works, right?


Follow her lead

What does she do more to you? Use her tongues or lips? Simply follow suit. If she has a different approach of kissing, just sit back, relax and let her do her thing. Observe and when she’s done, do it to her. She’s sure to like it.


Don’t slobber

Yes, there is such a thing as too much tongue. And saliva. Ugh, that’s disgusting. So if you feel you slobber like a dog, then the best thing to do is to gulp down a glass or two of water. This will help get rid of excessive saliva. Or you can break the kiss for one or two seconds to swallow that excessive saliva to prevent things from becoming messy.


Lips are preferred

Now this may come as a surprise to you, but a LOT of people prefer lip kissing instead of tongue kissing. It’s called preference, and if you weren’t aware of this before, it’s no wonder that you were called an inadequate kisser by many. In all probability, you were automatically expecting girls to like tongue kissing when in fact quite a few of them preferred lips. Being smart is necessary when working on how to be a better kisser for guys. If you’re confused, talk to her. Or...


Don’t compare notes

With your exes, that is. Just because your ex liked something doesn’t necessarily mean that your current girl is going to enjoy the same thing. She’s a different person, isn’t she? So she’s bound to have different taste.


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