Want to stop feeling shy around your crush but can’t help it? Insecurity, shyness and fear can hamper social contact and the ability to approach a boy or girl you like. Many people suffer in silence, but they can overcome this overbearing feeling of nervousness and fear whenever they come across someone they have a crush on with a little practice. Here are some tips to help you act normal around your crush.

How to Act Normal Around Your Crush


It Will Be Awkward, But Deal With It

Nobody feels confident dealing with something until they are good at it. You should work at accepting and navigating the feelings of awkwardness. This way, you will learn a lot about yourself and how to deal with the discomfort. You will get better with time.


Don't Avoid Them

Expose yourself to your crush as often as you can. Avoiding your crush will only make you more nervous around him or her. If you get used to being around your crush, the shyness will go away. You can sit next to him or her in class or start casual conversation whenever you can.


Work On Your Confidence

It’s easier said than done, but working on your self-esteem and confidence can be a great boost to your dating life. Work out and eat healthy. The better you feel about yourself, the more confident you will be.


Start Slow

Like everything else in life, you won’t be good straight off the bat. Work on getting better with time. Try to ask those you have a crush on simple questions like “What time is it?” when you’re walking in the mall. This will allow you to gain some confidence. And then you can work this up to having a small chat about the weather or something equally harmless. As you get better, ask for their number.


Get Dating Experience

Still wondering how to act normal around your crush? Get some dating experience. You will have some negative experiences. Take them as lessons. The positive ones will keep you going. Just start dating and get good at it. You can try online dating since it gives some level of anonymity and, therefore, you’ll tend to be more confident. After all, the person you’re talking to is already interested in you by the time you’re meeting.


Your Crush Is Just a Human

We are all human. It doesn’t matter how beautiful or handsome your crushes are, they have insecurities and feelings as well. Contrary to the perfect image you have created in your mind about them, they probably have more flaws than you. Always bear in mind that your crush is human, not some God or Goddess that you need to impress.


Stop Overanalyzing

Most people tend to think of all possible outcomes before talking to their crushes. This complicates matters even more as they get even more nervous. Avoid getting caught up in this trap. Just step up to them and start talking. This is one of the best tips on how to act normal around your crush.


Know That They’re Also Nervous

Everybody gets nervous when meeting someone for the first time. This is especially so if you have certain feelings for each other. So, your crushes might look and act all confident, but deep down they have their doubts and insecurities.


Be Friends with Their Friends

Want a good secret for overcoming shyness whenever your crush is around? Be friends with your crush's friends. This way you can close the distance between the two of you and hang out like buddies or besties. Avoid flirting with his or her friends, it might complicate issues for you.


Take About Your Passion

If you feel nervous or shy around your crush, holding a conversation can seem like an impossible task. Don’t try too hard to talk about what you think might interest your crush. Instead, the best way to go about it is to talk about what you’re passionate about. You are unlikely to run out of things to say about your passion. This way you’ll avoid awkward moments during your interactions with your crush.


Talk About Movies, Books, or TV Shows

If you’ve read a great book or watched an amazing TV show, you can bring it up during conversation. You might find that you have something in common. You can talk about your favorite and worst movies. Discuss characters in a book and what you felt about them. You can also get a few recommendations for books or movies from your crush.


Don’t Second Guess Yourself

If you happen to say something and realize it must have sounded dumb, just move on. You’re not perfect, and we all say some dumb things at some point. One of the most attractive traits you can have is to be yourself without apologizing for it. Don’t let your crush fall for someone you are not. It will not be worthwhile in the end. If they are judgmental and don’t give you a break for the slip up, they are probably not right for you. This is an excellent tip on how to act normal around your crush.


Ask Questions and Be a Good Listener

The key to being a good communicator is making the other person feel comfortable enough to talk about themselves. This is a great way to deflect the attention from you and at the same time learn more about them. Ask the right questions to get them to keep talking and listen actively. Pick up on some of the things they are talking about and share stories about similar experiences.


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