Horses have been around for thousands of years and they show no sign of degredation or destroy. Horses are very recognizable, but most of the people only see them through the television nowadays. It is unfortunate that horses do not get the attention they should deserve. Today, it is just fitting that we discuss some facts about horses. These horse facts aim to show interesting aspects of the lives of horses.

10 Most Interesting Horse Facts


Horse Laugh

One of fun facts about horses is the horse laugh. Most people though that horse laugh when it curls the upper lips while baring the teeth, appearing a wide grin. Actually, horses are not laughing, it is a flehmen response. The horse just directs the scents that flow in the air toward his olfactory glands. The horse is just trying to know if you smell bad, lol!


Peculiar Eyes

Other interesting horse facts include their peculiar eyes. Horses have good eyesight. The sizes of their eyes are around 5 centimeters, the biggest eyes of all land animal. Compared to humans, the eyes of the horses are nine times bigger. However, they do not have the ability to focus as humans can do. The upper part of their eyes is for closer viewing while the lower part of the eye is for seeing distant objects.


Good Memory

A study in 2010 had revealed that horses have good memory. If the horse is treated kindly, it will surely remember the individual who has shown kindness. The horse will even remember the kindness as long as it lives. Aside from people, horses can also remember places. Most horses become afraid when they are brought to a place where they have had not so good experience.


Sleeping Position

Horse's unique sleeping position is also included in the fascinating horse facts. Though horses sleep by standing up, they also lay down but only for short times. They can sleep standing up due to the support of their forelegs and hind legs, which allow them to relax while preventing to fall. Most horses prefer standing up in sleeping because their weight adds pressure on the internal organs when they are lying down.


Horse Cannot Burp

Horses cannot burp the way like humans do. They do not even have the ability to breathe in by mouth or even vomit. Their digestive system is characterized as a one-way street unlike cattle that has the ability to regurgitate food and chew it again. However, horses can still process fibrous foods, but the one-way direction of their digestive system often results to colic.


Age Can Be Determined by Teeth

It is hard to tell the exact age of horses, but you can have the estimated age through its teeth. Horses require dental care for the teeth, however, there are times that horses have longer lives compared to their teeth, and so, it is essential that you feed senior horses with extra care. Teeth of baby horses start to appear shortly after birth, but the first permanent teeth grow in between 2-3 years old. When they reached late 20’s, they may start to lose some teeth.


White Horses Are Not Born White

White horses that are great to look at are not born white. Horses have a darker color at birth, which gradually changes to white. They may started out as a chestnut, bay or even black, that is why most horses are not white but gray. One example of this is Lippizzaners who have solid black color during their birth, but they have turned white when they reach the age of 10.


Long Life Span

One of the most amazing horse facts is the lifespan of horses. The common question is how long horses can live. You will be surprised to know that horses can live longer, thanks to the better understanding of horse care. The average age of horse life span is around 28 + 5 years. Some ponies and horses can even live up to 40 years old and over.


Horse Shoes

Everyone is aware of horse shoes which are not just worn to protect the hoofs, but it can also improve the traction and provide shock absorption for running. The functions of horse shoes are similar to running shoes for humans. Likewise, horse shoes are not all the same, there are different types like pronation-correcting shoes, light weight aluminum shoes, “natural balance” shoes and so on.


Horse Height

The basic measurement of horse height is known as a “hand”. A 4-inch measurement is normally used to calculate the height of a pony or a horse at the top of their shoulder. For example, a pony is an equine measured at around 14.2 hands. However, miniature horses are not measured in hands, they are measured in centimeters or inches.

More Interesting Horse Facts

  • Horses are fond of sweet flavors and they refuse anything that is bitter or sour.

  • Horses can drink 25 gallons of water per day and can even drink more during hot weather.

  • Each ear of horses has 16 muscles, which allow them to rotate their ears in 180 degrees.

  • The knee joint of a horse is equivalent to a human wrist while the hock joint is equivalent to the human ankle.

  • There are seven common blood types for horses.

  • Horses that have pink skin may get sunburn.

  • Horses are social animals and may get lonely if they are alone.

  • The oldest horse that had lived was 62 and had died in 1822.


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