The halitosis is a major problem among many people. The origin or source of bad breath can be due to gum ailment, tobacco, bad food habit, bacteria and many more. Bad breath or halitosis can be very embarrassing when you go for an interview, or stay in a group or with your love. To avoid any such situation, simple home remedies are the best solution. You can find our remarkable top 10 home remedies for bad breath below. 

8 Great Home Remedies for Bad Breath



Natural herbs have the power to work wonders in controlling your bad breath. The various toxins in the body cause a lot of health problems along with the bad breath, which can bring you discomfort and lead to an awkward situation in your social life. It is essential to flush out these toxins from your system on a regular basis. The hard nettle tea is a powerful source to get rid of bad breath as it eliminates toxins from your system and purifies the blood. Mint, basil leaves, etc., can also be good options.


Lemon Juice

The bacteria settled in your gum and tongue can be eliminated with the help of lemon juice which has high acidic substance and can prevent the increase of the germs causing odor. A tablespoon lemon juice mixed with a cup of lukewarm water is enough to rinse your mouth and keep it fresh. Pinch a little bit of salt and add it to the mixture of lemon juice and water to clean your mouth thoroughly, prior to bed at night. This is an effective and instant remedy to cure bad breath.


Baking Soda

Have you ever thought that your cooking ingredients can be a great home remedy for bad breath without any fail? Yes, you heard it right. Now you can just dab a little baking soda on the damp bristles of your toothbrush and clean your mouth, teeth, gum and tongue thoroughly to avoid the bad breath problem happening. The baking soda cleans the hidden germs in your mouth; use it regularly, then you will see a big difference in a few days.


Proper Diet

Eating junk food has become a regular food habit for many people. But to keep your bad breath at bay, it is very important to take care of your regular diet. A proper diet means the right intake in the right proportion. Green leafy vegetables and fruits, like apple, celery and carrots, that are fiber rich help to fight bad breath. Avoiding sugary, sticky food and keeping a nutritious diet can help in controlling bad breath.


Aroma Spices

This can be a surprising home remedy for bad breath since many would think these spices have strong smell. But don't hurry, let's see the whole picture. The seed of the fragrant spices, like fennel, cinnamon, fenugreek, cardamom, clove, has antimicrobial factors that help in combating the bad breath. Your special occasion can be saved with the help of these aromatic spices. Chewing of fennel seeds or cardamom seeds slowly can fresh your breath and increase the saliva in your mouth. The important oil in cinnamon and clove not only fights bad breath, but also reduces bacteria in the saliva.


Zinc Supplement

The zinc mineral helps to get a germ free mouth, but its deficiency can be the major cause of bad breath. The mouthwash and floss available in the market usually contain the mineral zinc as it has antimicrobial properties which help to eliminate or neutralize harmful bacteria. The oral zinc supplement and intake of extra zinc-rich foods, for instance, gourd seeds, pumpkin, organ meats, cacao and more, can be a superior approach, because it can systematically eradicate the bad breath problem.


Apple Cider Vinegar

It is very important that your digestive tract is clean to be free from bad breath. If your stomach is facing problems, you are bound to be in shambles with the problem of bad breath. The apple cider vinegar has digestive enzyme properties. Adding a little amount of apple cider vinegar can help to improve your system, and when your digestion and stomach is in good condition, bad breath will be far away for sure.


Plenty of Water Intake

The last one of our 8 great home remedies for bad breath is ... Yes, water! Water is the medicine for numerous diseases. Bad breath can also be controlled by drinking lots of water daily. Dehydration or dryness can cause stinking odor from your mouth. The tiny food particles get accumulated between the teeth and decays which in turn causes dry mouth. Drinking plenty of water all through the day is very essential to fight the bacteria forming in your mouth and to keep your digestive system running. 


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