There are many reasons why a guy courts a girl. It may be because he truly loves her, he is attracted to her, or he just wants to get the girl into his bed. Whatever the real intentions the man may have, he will do anything just to make the girl fall for him. So how do you know if that guy who has been sending you flowers really loves you or just wants you to be his side woman or worse, a booty call?

Is That True If He Tells Me He Loves Me?

When facing the dilemma of "he told me he loves me but I can't truly believe", then you should look for the following signs to rest your heart and know for sure he does love you with all his heart.

He says it when it is least expected

You can trust him if he tells you the magic words “I love you” in the most unexpected moments and asks nothing in return. He doesn’t tell you this only during sex or when you ask him, so he must mean it, right?


He makes eye contact

Eyes are the windows to the soul. If he can look at you straight into your eyes when he expresses his love for you, most probably he is sincere.


He gives the magic kiss

He tells you that you are important to him after a passionate kiss and then gives you another long kiss.


He holds your hand in public

Some men may be shy to show his love for you in front of strangers but his pure and overflowing love for you may push him to do it and show the world how proud he is to have you.


He hugs you constantly

You ask yourself “He told me he loves me, can that be true?” It may be true if he gives you a warm and comforting hug not only during your lonely times but also on ordinary days. Hugs can give a person the feeling of coziness and security.


He wants a future with you

You can tell that a man is mature and truly in love with you if you are a part of his dreams and aspirations. If he seriously talks about your relationship and your future, then most probably you have found “The One”.


You are his weakness

A man who is just playing it with a girl will not show his weakness and will try to avoid anything that will make him vulnerable. But if he truly loves you, he can’t help but show his real personality and emotions to you.


Your intuition approves it

“He told me he loves me, but can it be too good to be true?" Sometimes there will be plenty of signs telling you he really loves you, but sometimes the signs are not so obvious and in this case use your woman instinct, which is true most of the time. Just follow your heart if your intuition tells you to trust this man. 

But He Doesn’t Mean It If….


You haven't dated for long

If he tells you he loves you but you two haven’t even dated for at least three to six months, don’t believe him. He probably is just infatuated with you or he wants to go under your pants. Falling in love takes time; it is not an overnight feeling that just suddenly awakens in you.


You haven’t slept with him

If he tells you he loves you but you haven’t yet had sex with him, most probably he is just toying you so he can get you to bed. It is easy for him to say “I love you” but committing to it is totally another thing. If you are in a “He told me he loves me” dilemma, you have to be extra careful because you might be mistaking a temporary pleasure for love.


He only focuses on the moment

A common misconception of women is when a man says “I love you” to her, it means “I want to grow old with you.” There are men who say “I love you” just because that’s what they feel in the moment, and future is just too changeable to take into account for them. For example, if he want to move in with you, it is just because it's convenient to sleep with you not because this act can move your relationship to the next level. This is a major red flag and a heavy reason for you to run away.


He only says "I love you” when he is excited

There is nothing wrong if he tells you this at the heat of the moment, but just don’t believe it readily. This only means he is happy and excited at the moment but does not mean he has already fallen deeply in love with you. 


He only says it when something happens

If he only tells you he loves you during a milestone in your relationship like a job promotion or a family member passed away, don’t take it seriously. He may just say it because he feels he needs to celebrate or comfort you.


You don’t feel the same way

It’s a stop light if you don’t feel the same for him. It is best to talk to him. If he gets scared or angry during the discussion, he is not sincere with it.


He’s trapped into saying it

Another solution to your “He told me he loves me but I find it hard to truly believe” dilemma is to check yourself too. He might just be forced to tell you those words because you keep on telling him “I love you” and you want him to respond in the same way. Or he may just be saying those words because he thinks that’s what you want to hear.


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