Hello! Do you have split ends? want to get rid of them? Well using  mayonnaise helps get rid of them without damaging but improving your hair. 

Part 1



Did you know mayonnaise can help get rid of your split ends?

Yeah, we use mayonnaise in our foods, but mayonnaise can be very helpful for split ends. I personally love using it for my hair because it helps get rid of my ends and make my hair very shiny! 

Here We Go 

STEP #1 Get Your Hair Wet (make sure you have a towel)

STEP #2 Use 1 cup or 1/2 cup of mayonnaise, then apply it to your hair (note! make sure you put it to your root of your hair and everywhere. This makes your hair shiny and gets rid of those split ends of yours.)

STEP #3 When you are done and the mayonnaise is all in your hair, you leave it in your hair for at least 15-20 minutes

STEP #4 Rinse your hair with cold water, not hot! ( hot water cause you hair to be dry or creates split ends ) Okay, wash your hair with cold water and use shampoo.

  • Do this process for a week or 2 for better results.
  • The smell of mayonnaise will be in your hair for 3 days or less.

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