Are you looking for the best horror movies to watch with your date? Watching a horror movie together gives couples a reason to cling together. You will have something to talk about after the movies. Below is a list of good horror movies that other couples find perfect for date nights. You can pick any of the movies for your date night.

Good Horror Movies for Dates


A Nightmare on Elm Street

The classic movie was released in the 1980s. The events take place in a quiet suburb setting. The movie features a murderer who haunts people as they sleep wearing a bladed glove. The special effects may be outdated but we can guarantee that you will sleep with an eye open after watching the movie.



This is another classic thriller that will keep you awake at night. It features horror movie fans who are trying to escape from a killer named Ghostface. The cast jokes about the tricks in horror movies but end up falling for the same tricks. You and your date will start making a game plan as if the same killer was pursuing you after watching the cast make unwise decisions.


When Stranger Calls

The movie is an improved edition of another film released in 1979. A teenager is babysitting two children when a stranger calls with a hidden number. She soon realizes she has to keep the children and herself safe when the police inform that the caller is in the house. This movie is a perfect chance to tell your guy how much you love kids or babysitting.


The Cabin in the Woods

This movie appears in the list of good horror movies for dates because of the level of suspense throughout the plot line. It will keep you guessing all through. Five friends are enjoying a holiday in a remote cabin without realizing that there are workers in an underground facility who are manipulating their actions with drugs. If you think all horror movies are the same, this one will surprise you.


You're Next

A family is enjoying a reunion in a luxurious home when murderers invade the home with farm animal masks. The reunion turns bloody as the family tries to hide from the murderers. One girl surprises the murderer with secret skills that save the family. The family realizes the importance of trust as relationships are tested.



The summer blockbuster is an adaptation of a Peter Benchley novel. A white shark with an insatiable appetite invades and terrorizes people in an island called Amity. Three people try to stop the shark, including an oceanographer, a police chief, and a shark hunter. Roy Schneider acts as the police boss while Robert Shaw and Richard Dreyfuss play hunter’s and oceanographer’s roles respectively.



The director of this movie, John Carpenter, played a critical role in introducing scary movies in the 80s. The movie features a lunatic, Michael Myers, with a mission to kill babysitters on Halloween. There are only two escapists: one is a psychiatrist, Donald Pleasance; and the other is a baby sitter, Jamie Lee Curtis.


Evil Dead 2

This is one of the good horror movies for dates that combine scary and funny events in the plot line. A man and his girlfriend are stranded in a cabin in a forest. The couple invokes a spell accidentally that causes Evil Dead to come back to life and kill. The movies will keep you glued to the screen as you follow the man through a troop of walking corpses.



You can watch either “Frankenstein” or “Bride of Frankenstein” with your date. In the first movie, a scientist creates a monster but makes a mistake of giving it a criminal brain. In the second movie, a witty and superior monster almost succeeds in getting his made-to-order bride. The James Whale classic movies are among the best Universal films.


Friday the 13th

Camp Crystal Lake was shut down after two murders and a drowning. One man reopens the lake against the advice of the locals and makes fun of the death curse. He begins to reconsider his decision when teenage counselors start dropping in the lake. The cast, effects, gruesome makeup, and the psycho-killer will keep you cuddling in fright all night.


Inner Demons

This thriller can be described as the result of an intimate relationship between “The Blair Witch Project” and “Intervention.” The movie leaves you wondering if Carson is a woman in a Goth-druggie phase or an A-student gone wrong, or if something worse is happening to her.



“Devil” is one of the good horror movies for dates. The movie is based on a M. Night Shyamalan story. A group of evil people including Satan is trapped in a non-functional elevator. One of them turns the wrongdoers against each other.


Mr. Jones

Scott and Penny leave everything behind and travel to a secluded wilderness to make a nature documentary. The trip does not turn out as expected. Things get worse when the pair discover the works of an elusive and strange artist named Mr. Jones.


We Are What We Are

The film features a very close family, the Parkers. The family get even closer when they discover a horrible and terrible secret. The isolation and traditions in the film will give you and your date a chilling experience.


Wes Craven’s New Nightmare

You have a rare chance to watch Freddy Kreuger and Robert Englund in the same film. In this slasher, a monster that the two actors thought only existed on the screen haunts them in real life.


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