There is no one who does not have bad or lazy days. When these days come, the last thing you want to do is to get up and dressed then go to work. Sometimes you just do not feel like facing the day, which is perfectly normal and acceptable if it is not occur often. However, your bad days do not always coincide with your days off work, which is why you have to think of the perfect excuse in order to get out of work. Here are some tried and tested excuses to get out of work without earning the scorn of your superiors, and you can enjoy a day or few off from work very easily.

Top 15 Good Excuses to Get Out of Work


Traffic Problems

Traffic problems are something that everyone faces, so this type of excuse is effective due to the fact that it’s relevant. Tell your boss you were caught speeding and now you need to take a course designed to help you drive in a safer manner. This will earn you a few days off work. Remember, this will work unless driving is part of your job description; in which case you should not use this excuse or you might end up getting fired!


Maybe You Even Burnt Yourself

A good trip to the emergency room always earns you a few days off from work. You can say that you burnt yourself making breakfast and had to rush to the ER for treatment. These major health risks can earn the sympathy of your superiors. To make it more believable, you can even wrap a bandage around the hand when you get back to work after the break. 


Maybe You Have an Appointment

This is something you need to be careful with, because if you have a generic appointment it may come off as an excuse. Do not be too specific but try to throw in some details regarding the appointment and the fact as to why it cannot be rescheduled.


Health Problems

Health problems are the most commonly used good excuses to get out of work and they work like a charm. Just as you got out of going to school due to a stomachache when you were young, you can take a few days off from work due to your health. You can get a friend involved and tell them you cannot even speak let alone come to work. This will make things more believable. 


Maybe Your Pet Just Ate Something Dangerous

This is the best excuse to use on an animal-loving boss, because they will immediately empathize and ask you to take the day off himself. If you play your cards right, you can make it sound like your pet is really in danger and you need to care for it or take it to the vet.


You Had Jury Duty

When it comes to justice, no boss will tell you to come to work and avoid jury duty. What’s more, you cannot turn it down. You can take a few days off work easily and cover your back. This is something that can come up anytime and the best thing about this excuse is the fact that you do not have to divulge a lot of information regarding what case you are on along with other details.


Maybe You Locked Yourself Out

If this happens in real life, then this situation can be a real pain. Tell your boss you are taking care of it, but the locksmith just informed you it will take several hours for him to get to you. This will make it seem like you want to go to work but circumstances do not allow that. However, be careful not to use this excuse if your boss lives nearby, because then he or she can just offer to swing by and pick you up.


Maybe You Live in a Dangerous Area

In some parts of the country, a lot of wild animals such as bears are a real threat. If you call your boss and tell him or her that there is a bear in your driveway, you can earn a day off from work because that won’t be an unusual activity. You can add authenticity to this excuse by clicking the picture of a bear in your driveway when it happens and sending it to your boss when you need to take a day off. Just be sure not to use a timestamp. 


Maybe You Just Survived a Crime

Just as bears can stop you from coming to work, criminal activities can do the same. You can say that there was some criminal activity at your place the night before, so you have been asked by the police to stay at home unless you can make a statement or file a report.



Among all good excuses to get out of work, this one can not be missed. This is something that no one can argue with. If you make it sound uncomfortable, your boss will be eager to give you a day or two off himself. This excuse can effectively demonstrate your helplessness. It gives the impression that you want to come to work but you just cannot make that.


Maybe You Were in an Accident

You can say someone totaled your car and you survived without a scratch but it may take a few days before your car can be repaired. Be sure to stay away from this excuse if there is any chance of your car being seen by a colleague in the meantime.


Personal Reasons

Personal reasons, most of the time, cannot be helped. These can be medical, family related or even something embarrassing, which gives you the room for staying vague, because you clearly do not want to discuss it. This is the best excuse to use if you do not want to lie to your boss, because laziness can easily be a personal reason not to go to work.



Migraines are horrible and can earn your superiors’ sympathy very easily. Besides the fact that they are exceptionally common, so it is perfectly plausible that you are suffering from a migraine and cannot come to work that day. 


Maybe You Have a Mental Illness

Mental illness is a serious thing so you might get some time off from work if you really want it. You can say that your therapist told you that you need to get some treatment and you cannot do that from the office. Pick something that does not have any obvious symptoms or you are bound to get caught.


You Have Female Problems

Female problems are a taboo that most men shy away from, so if you are a woman and need a few days off from work, you can play that card and no one will even know that your female problems are simply about of laziness and nothing more.


Other Good Excuses to Get out of Work That Might Sail

  • Your child just did something that needs taken care of.

  • Your friend/family member just went into labor.

  • Someone close just passed away.

  • Someone close just got diagnosed with a life threatening illness. This works several times because you can bring it up again and say “my friend who got diagnosed with a certain disease needs me to stay with her at the hospital.”

  • It is a religious holiday.

  • You fell in the shower.

  • You’re being audited.

  • You gave blood and now you feel dizzy.

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  • Lay the groundwork the day before, and try to authenticate your story by playing it out for a few more days even when you are back at work.
  • Remember to inform your employer at the right time. Do inform your boss one hour in advance. Also, don't make a call too close to the due time, or you will be a bossy employer.
  • Do not post on your social account. Just do not make such mistakes to post your funny things when you are sick.

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