Fire destroys everything that it touches, and hence, it is no wonder that it is something that every property owner fears. Fire is the reason why we double check things before we leave for the day, or go to bed. How many times have we returned home just to shut off the suspicion that the stove may be left on. There is a very simple explanation for this paranoia: fire had the ability to turn everything to ash in just a few moments. Hence, fire damage must always be immediate and severe. However, most of the house fires are capable of being prevented easily by using just some common sense. If fire does break out, prompt, as well as, thorough remediation along with restoration alleviates most of the inflicted fire damage.

Fire Damage Restoration Done in No Time

Sources of Fire

There are a few common sources behind most of the residential fires, like gas water heaters and clothes dryers. Leaking gas together with gas water heaters might trigger an ignition. Considering the fact that most of the house fires begin in this very manner, it is impertinent to put away lawn mowers and other gas powered units away from any heating source.

The lint build-up in dryers can also trigger fires, because lint catches fire easily. Hence, lint filters must be cleaned out on a regular basis to prevent this. The area surrounding the dryer too must be checked out to make sure that there is barely any lint present in the area. Since there is a considerable build-up of heat, it might result in the ignition of lint.

Some common objects that are used in winters like space heaters, wall heaters and candles may trigger unexpected fires, provided they are left behind unattended. None of these units must be placed near drapes, curtains, bedspreads or other materials that are capable of catching fire.

Use bulbs as rated in the respective light fixture. A bulb with higher wattage produces an enormous quantity of heat and this too is capable of causing fires. Most of the light fixtures require a 60 watt bulb and the guidelines of the fixtures must be strictly adhered to.

If you practice splicing of electrical wires, then make sure that they are placed within a junction box in order to provide it with maximum protection.

The most common kitchen fires are grease fires. If you find yourself in such a situation, then do not pour water on it. Get a wet towel and quickly smother the fire with it.

Damage Control

Sometimes small fires too result in significant amount of damage but professional restoration may not always be needed. You can do it on your own. Always remember that the damage caused by fire or smoke isn’t limited to the things that it burns. It may also include the damage that has been caused due to smoke or soot build-up.

Since fire is generally extinguished using water or foam, along with fire problems you are also looking at dealing with water problems. Most of the companies which deal with fire restoration also specialise in water damage control as well. The following steps must be taken to restore the damage caused in a fire.

  • As soon as the fire is out, the items must be segregated into those that must be repaired and those which must be replaced. Reparable items need to be removed and tended to accordingly, while the damaged goods must be discarded. The items which weren’t burnt in the fire are always in need of some serious smoke cleanup. Sometimes, it is easier to replace the items instead of cleaning them up.

  • Ceilings and walls are the most obvious and direct targets for both fire and smoke. Soot stains need specialised cleaning, ceilings being the most difficult to deal with in this regard. Ladders or step stools need to be used along with equipment which is needed to remove these substances.

  • There are times when odour remains back even after the cleaning is done with. Good repainting must be done in order to deal with the odour problem.

Safety Measures

In case of fire, all the electronics, as well as, appliances must be unplugged and mustn’t be used until the repairs are complete. The units can be used again after being inspected by an electrician. If these instructions aren’t followed, ‘unfortunate’ incidents like these may recur.

The electrical system of the home must also be thoroughly checked before using it. Since every room has an outlet, there is a great risk of damage caused to the electrical wiring due to the blaze.

Every fire does not require restoration to be done by the professionals, as most of these can be handled by the owners themselves. Services are offered by professionals for fire damage restoration in your area, be it your home or place of business. They will repair all the damage that was caused and your family will be back in their routines in no time.


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