Chivalry becomes less and less popular as years pass by, because most men are afraid that it insults women of our age, considering the fact that today, ladies are as equal as guys are. However, there are some examples of chivalry that have the ability to make every girl fall for you no matter which country she lives in, and show her just how mature and kind you are! So in order to help men become true gentlemen, and convince women that good men still exist and aren’t, in fact, extinct, we brought a few tips that we strongly advise you to read!

13 Examples of Modern Chivalry


Keep Your Hand On Her Back While Introducing Her to Your Acquaintances

Scientists have proven that putting a hand on your partner’s back is actually an unconscious sign of affection that men often use to make women feel more comfortable in crowds of strangers and remind them that there is someone they can lean on after all. So the next time you start introducing your special girl to some folks, make sure your hand is placed here!


Call When You Feel Like Asking Her Out

Just the fact that you took some time to call and ask her out, instead of texting her the place and time, speaks volumes about you and your interest in her! Also, in addition to this, you get a chance to actually hear the excitement in her voice (or lack thereof) and see if she's worth the chase!


Offer to Pick Her Up for Your Date

It's always a good idea to pick the girl up for the date, rather than to suggest a meeting spot, even if it means that you'll be driving a few extra miles. However, if she ends up declining your suggestion because she doesn't know you that well - don't worry! She will appreciate your offering!


Dress to Impress

You must be asking yourself how the way you dress can be considered as one of the examples of chivalry? Well, let me answer that for you! While your styling says a lot about your personality and self-confidence, it also indicates how important the person you are dressing for is to you. I mean, you wouldn’t make the effort to look your best just for anyone.


Walk Closer to the Street

This custom dates from the middle age when the mission of gentlemen was to walk on the street side of the pavement in order to protect ladies from getting hit by trash thrown out of windows, or protect them from getting splashed should a carriage happen to drive across the puddle. Nowadays, carriages are no more, but there are cars, so if you think that there was no longer a need for this behavior, you are wrong my friend!


Let Her Be the First at Everything

It's of utter importance that you let her be the first at everything! So let's say you go on a date... what is it that you should do? You open the door for her and let her walk through first, you pull up a chair for her to sit, you let her order first, and even let her take a bite before you do! Besides, how does that saying go? That's right: ladies first!


Carry an Umbrella

If there is even a small chance it's going to rain, take an umbrella with you. In most cases you'll end up not needing it, however, by taking this action, there's no way you won't make a perfect impression on your girlfriend! Of course, by making sure she stays dry, you could end up soaking wet - but hey, that's the price you gotta pay for being a cavalier!


Hold the Door for Her

It seems like holding a door for someone is such a cheesy gesture, but 90% of the female population believes that it is one of the best examples of chivalry! It simply shows that you have a lot of respect for the person walking through the door with you, and women think that guys who do this spontaneously are true gentlemen!


Make Sure You Have Her Parents' Blessing

There's this tradition before a proposal that consists of you asking the parents of your soon-to-be fiance for their approval. I mean, call me old-fashioned, but if you plan on getting hitched, I think it's very important for you to have their blessing! Nevertheless, if you decide not to ask, that's fine as well, but a somewhat normal relationship with the in-laws is something you should at least try to accomplish.


Send a Nice Gift to Her Office

Women perfectly know what an amazing feeling it is to have a present brought to their office in the middle of a hard work! And the best thing is that it doesn't even have to be anything big: just some flowers or a box of chocolates is all you need to make her day, believe me!


Incorporate Into Her Family

If you try hard enough to compliment her mother's dishes, discuss baseball with her father and help her little sister with some homework, be sure it won't go unnoticed!


Fill Up Her Gas Tank Instead of Letting Her Do It Herself

This custom can be confusing at first, but is, in fact, just a sign of kindness. A guy who offers to fill up a girl's gas tank shows how well he was raised, and proves that he indeed possesses good manners, which to be honest, people rarely do these days!


Give Her Your Jacket

Giving your jacket to her, being cold or not, is one of the classic examples of chivalry! The origin of this behavior is entirely unknown, and it's not a matter of question whether ladies can pick the right kind of clothes for the right kind of weather, but just a simple thing that real gentlemen do. Plus, women always seem to look ten times more attractive while wearing men's clothes, am I right?


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