Choosing an educational field of interest is crucial, especially in case of Gemini as you have a hard time sticking to one domain and follow through what you started.

Choices of Education and Career for Gemini

Just as the Moon, Gemini's interests wax and wane. Gemini people are very inventive, love to explore and dig deep into a concept, and are very open-minded and versatile. You are mentally sharp, socially charming and emotionally, a little, chaotic. You have a practical mindset and approach. Whatever you choose to pursue in life, your ultimate aim is to get recognition and appreciation.

Communication is your strong suit. You excel in areas such as anchoring, show hosting, journalism and even radio jockeying. You are communicative, youthful, and spontaneous and these areas of education are best fit for you. You are a great entertainer too, and are witty and cheerful with great sense of humor, thus you can do wonders in acting, dance, and comedy.  


Not to mention, your power to persuade is exceptional. You love to socialize, can turn a boring chat during lunch into an out-and-out party. You enjoy helping others make decisions. You are spontaneous and candid; people love to listen to you; and your wit and humor keep others hooked.

Your ability to convince others makes you a born salesperson. An MBA in Sales and Marketing could be the most suited qualification. Your eloquence and persuasion also make you ideal for fields such as PR, media relations, recruitment, client dealing, consultancy, and advertising. You may not always be honest with others. You persuade in a manner that people do not even realize you have tricked them into something.


Intelligence turns you on. You love collecting facts and being aware of the latest innovations. You love to analyze situations with logic. This also indicates that the vocation you choose will also involve analysis and discretion. Engineering, science and research, and analytical studies will turn out to be fruitful areas of education for you. 


In fact, you are not only just keen to receive information, but also want to share it ahead. Many of you become great teachers, communicators, translators, writers, authors, and also social media and marketing personnel.  


However, your constant need for change is your biggest weakness. You will change your residence frequently and so is the case with education. You have an overwhelming need for mental stimulation. You get bored doing one thing for long, leading you to self-destructive choices. 

Keeping these things in mind, the best areas of education and career for those born in Gemini are where they can do several things at once, which frequently require changes of setting. A changing lifestyle suits you best, making you a great fit as tour guide, business travel executives, ambassadors, and salespeople. 

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