Have you ever encountered the situation when your keyboard doesn't work well? For instance, you input an question mark but you only get a "é" in the screen. This is not because your keyboard is damaged, and the most common solution for computer problems – restart – doesn't work at this time.

"é" is a symbol in many languages written in Latin Alphabet including French, such as "résumé" (resume in English). Your system may pre-install other language keyboards except English. So when you press some shortcuts occasionally, your keyboard change to another language, thus you'll get a "é" instead of question mark. Here I'll show you how to change the keyboard settings back.

Steps - How to Change Keyboard Settings


Now you met the problem that when you type a question mark but you get "é" instead.


Move your mouse to the language bar in the taskbar and click on it. Switch the language from "French (Canada)" to English (United States).


Now you can input question mark as usual.


If you can't find the language bar in the taskbar, then right click on the taskbar and move your mouse over "Toolbars" in the pop-up menu and tick off the checkbox before "Language bar". Language bar may also appears at your desktop, find it carefully.

  • You can also use the shortcuts "Ctrl + Shift" or "Alt + Shift" to solve the problems. These two are the default shortcuts for switching languages and keyboard in Windows.

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