So you’ve found yourself a nice girl and you’re very happy in your relationship. But the thing is, you’re looking for something more – a step forward, and you can’t take that step till you know how she feels about you. Love is the single most important factor which drives every relationship forward and it’s impossible to take a plunge if she doesn’t love you, right?

Does My Girlfriend Love Me?

Well now you can stop wondering. This article will share with you a few sure shot signs she loves you to help you make up your mind to take that crucial step.

There are no confusing messages

She makes her feelings clear for you – there is no ambiguity in her texts, meaning she tells you her love clearly and acts accordingly. But if her messages and actions are contradictory in themselves, you have to ponder over your relationship.

Here’s an example of a conflicting message:

“Hey babe, luv ya so much. And by the way, had drinks with my ex last night at that seedy bar you hate so much. In the middle of the night. Hope you don’t mind!”


She sends you texts frequently

When she loves you, she wants to be in as much contact with you as possible. And this means getting a few cute texts from her throughout the day. She likes to know where you are, what you’re doing, how you’re feeling, etc. It doesn’t matter whether you respond to them or not, she will send them to you nonetheless.

A girl who doesn’t text or call you often would indicate lesser levels of interest in you, until and unless she’s a quiet person who doesn’t talk much to begin with. If you’re confused and are thinking “Does my girlfriend love me?” then do a little test. Don’t initiate any communication from your end for an entire week, and then see how many efforts she makes to stay in touch with you!


She bring you to her family and friends

She has told you in advance when she’s going to introduce you to her friends and family, and you know she’s not baiting you. This introduction means a lot to any girl, because a girl only introduces the man who she knows is worthy and can have a committed relationship with. It tells you she’s ready to take the plunge, especially if she’s talking about introducing you to her family. If she’s already done so, congo! In the other hand, if she hides you behind and never wants you to meet her close friends and family, you should give a second thought about her love for you.


She treats you like a child

Obviously this isn’t true for all girls, but quite a few of them tend to display this motherly trait with their significant other. They treat you like a child that cannot take care of itself; they will ask you if you have your lunch, take your meds, wish your mum on her birthday and even go so far as to talk to you in a baby voice from time to time. And you secretly enjoy it all.


She gives without you asking

“Giving” here does not necessarily mean expensive gifts. It could mean she gives you all that she can from her heart – her trust, commitment, loyalty, food, massages and time to hang out with your friends, etc. The more she gives, the more she loves you. She’ll go out of her way to make you feel special and surprise you every now and then with things you wanted, but never bothered buying/making/doing for yourself. And sometimes, all that a woman can give, especially a working woman, is her time to you.


Her future includes you

When she talks about her future, you’re always there. And sometimes, she’ll include your goals and aspirations in her future when she’s talking about it. But if she never even hints about future, marriage or children, then you know the answer to the question “Does my girlfriend love me?” is negative, right?


She wants exclusivity

She was the one who asked you to become an exclusive couple, or in the least, she readily agreed when you proposed the same idea to her. She also doesn’t talk about “having my space” or “keeping a distance” from you because she loves to have as much of you in her life as she can. This definitely means she loves you.


She shows you off

Not in a haughty manner. She thinks you’re the best thing that could have happened to her and she likes to share that happiness with everybody around her. She will tell anybody willing to listen how she has the best boyfriend in the world who she loves dearly, so much so that you may sometimes feel embarrassed at all the compliments she showers you. She also appreciates you and all that you have done for her, in private.


Notice the level of PDA

If she’s a shy or private person, then this doesn’t apply to her. But if she’s gregarious, open-minded and outgoing, then she will not hesitate to show her love for you by indulging in a little PDA, public display of affection, from time to time. Of course, the level of PDA she’ll indulge in depends on her personality – for some women it’s holding hands and leaning on her guy’s shoulder, while for others it’s straight out French kissing.


Other guys don’t exist for her

You’ll never catch her eyeing some handsome dude that walks just by you. That’s because you are everything that she wants; she loves you for all your flaws and that should be reason enough to never once ask yourself “Does my girlfriend love me?”

Of course, keep in mind that this does not work with women who have low self-esteem. They will go about talking and flirting with other guys because catching their attention is the easiest way for her to feel better about herself. Be careful! You never know when flirting can turn into one night stands.


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