The vinegar has plenty of extraordinary applications when it's time for house cleaning, thanks to its unique possibility to deodorize and dissolve stains. According to the type of the vinegar, it can leave a pleasant fresh aroma, which is longer lasting than the unwanted and typical vinegar-like aroma. Meanwhile, the greatest advantage that the vinegar offers is its slightly acidic character, which turns it into a perfect natural cleaner. There is no risk of spreading volatile chemical compounds, neither to worry about damaging natural surfaces with strong detergents. Yet there is nothing to beat the result after a professional cleaning, but the vinegar can be of great help. Check out some basic applications and tips on how to use the vinegar for cleaning.

Use Vinegar for Cleaning


For polishing tiled floors and for cleaning grout lines

The darker grout lines are often in some specific areas in the bathroom or in the bathtub, and it is essential to clean them regularly in order to not let them spread over a larger area. The best way to do it is to use a grooming brush or an old toothbrush, whose fibers can penetrate and scrub even through the narrowest and deepest grout lines. Apply the vinegar with a sponge. Make sure that there is enough vinegar along the grout lines, which you want to deep clean. Another great idea is to attach a cloth or a sponge damped in vinegar to the stained area onto the tiled surfaces and let it sit for a couple of minutes. The acidity of the vinegar should dislodge the stain and thus make it much easier for removal. Finish with a clean cloth damped in hot clean water.


For cleaning the microwave, the oven, the gas stove and most of the kitchen appliances

The burner cans of the gas stove are usually the most soiled objects, so they may require soaking in a big bowl with hot water and white vinegar, and a little bit of baking soda. This easy homemade solution should dislodge the dry dirt and make the wiping of dirt from the metal surfaces much easier. To clean the interior of the microwave - use a soft towel and vinegar, and pay more attention when wiping off dirt from the lights, from the vents and from the handles of the oven.


For cleaning the fridge and the freezer with vinegar

A great tip is to put it high on the schedule, because you have to first unplug them and let them to defrost. Then, clean all the sides and the different compartments of the interior of the fridge. Don't forget to clean the cooling coils on the backside of the fridge and the freezer, and leave the doors open for a few hours so as to get rid of the typical vinegar odor.


For cleaning windows with white vinegar

It can also clean almost every glass object from the mirrors in the bathroom to the glass table in the dining room. Just use a spray bottle to spray a mist of vinegar onto the glass surfaces or apply it via soft cotton towel. A mix of cool water and white vinegar can clean and polish the windows like a professional detergent.


For removing odors from the kitchen sink

Run a couple of ice cubes and a small amount of vinegar through the kitchen sink disposal.


For sanitizing cutting boards and kitchen countertops

Just rub along the strings and along the scratches.


For repelling insects

Clean with a cloth damped in vinegar all the inside areas of the cupboards and other furnishings.


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