Body hair was something most men flaunted in the 80s. And nowadays you can find celebrities sporting the ripped, hairless look in the movies, and that often makes people think that women like men hairless. Is it true? Do women like men with chest hair or do they like it shaved? Let's find out more about it.

Do Women Like Chest Hair?

First thing first, a majority of women do like men with some well-maintained chest hair. Let's get a clearer idea via the following study. In a study conducted by Remington Products, 435 men shared their personal grooming habits and 440 women shared their personal inclinations on those habits. The study showed that 17% of women preferred a totally shaved chest, whereas 53% expressed a desire for men to trim their chest hair. In the same study, 71% of women preferred a shaved back, whereas 44% expressed interests in well-groomed eyebrows, as well as nose and ear hair.

Why Some Women Like Chest Hair?

Many women like men with chest hair because:

  • Women find men after shaving their chest hair quite prepubescent, as they believe that body hair can actually make men look older and wiser.

  • Women always notice a guy with a beard or at least some facial hair before someone with no hair at all. Chest and facial hair can make a man look more mature and manly in their eyes.

However even if you get a positive answer to the question, "Do women like chest hair?" there has to be some balance. Women want men to pay at least some attention to their chest hair and keep it under control. Anything too bushy and wild is a big no-no, and women also do not really like a handlebar mustache either. One more reminder: things are a bit different in case of a hairy back, as a large majority of women are against of hair sticking out of the back of a man's shirt. Most women find back hair very unappealing and call it a bit too much.

Why Some Women Hate Chest Hair?

There are women who like it completely bare; in fact, some women even say that they just cannot date a man with body hair.

  • Those women believe that a man's body appeal dies instantly when the body, great or not, is covered with hair. After all, it is hard to notice any muscle definition with hair on the chest, neck and even back.

  • Some studies have shown that women who like a hairless look believe that keeping it bald makes things feel clean. They say that they go through a lot of hassle to have unwanted hair removed because it gives a look of cleanliness, so men should do the same.

  • Some women are also of the view that long chest or armpit hair and even a prickly beard can spoil romantic moments.

Maintenance Is Important

Do women like chest hair? Now you know it is true that some women love men hairless, and others have no issues with facial or chest hair. So actually we can come to the conclusion that something between the two extremes is the most welcomed situation.  And for women, it all comes down to grooming and maintenance.

If you have that five-o'clock shadow, it is important to ensure that you keep your chest and facial hair clean and well-groomed so that your girl does not feel bad while kissing you. Similarly, you do not want your chest hair to grow so out of control that your girl would have her fingers trapped in a knot. It is about keeping a balanced appearance. Therefore, the best thing men can do is pay attention to grooming.

It may take a little extra time, but it is surely going to help you enjoy your intimate moments with your girl. Guys, here are a few tips to help you ensure that you are putting your best look forward:

  • Be sure to trim your body hair and never let it grow past a reasonable length, especially for those who do not want to shave it all off. If you notice your chest hair showing underneath your shirt, it is probably time to have it trimmed.

  • Consider trimming in the shower for the best cleanup to avoid having hair here and there prickling you.

  • Shaving your chest is just like shaving your face. You have to first clip the area and then use a fresh blade to shave it off. It is usually a good idea to first trim your hair to ¼-inch and then apply a moisturizing shaving cream before using a blade.

  • Keep in mind that shaving is always better than over-trimming your chest hair. It does not look good if it does not look natural.

  • Try to pick a style that you can maintain regularly. It is never a good idea to keep changing things.

  • No matter you decide to trim it or shave it, make sure to do it regularly.

  • Do women like chest hair? Whether they like it or not, invest in high quality shaving tools to add charm to your chest hair. You will need different trimmers for your beard and body hair – the one that comes with multiple length settings usually works well. You also need to buy a right type of body razor – get the one that helps you grip it even in a wet environment.


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