Many girls wonder what their “first time” will be like. What will it feel like? Will I do the right things? Do you bleed when you have sex? Will it hurt? Many girls have questions that are tough to ask, because they might be embarrassed. Fortunately, the answers are pretty straightforward. Here is what a girl can expect from the first time.

Do Girls Bleed in First Time Sex?

Every person’s body is unique, and the way it reacts is unique, too. Some girls might have heard that they will bleed during their first intercourse. For some girls, that might be true – but for others, there might not be any blood at all. Why the big difference from one girl to another?

It’s because of something called the hymen. The hymen is a thin layer of protective skin inside the vagina. Some girls are born with a full hymen that covers the vaginal opening completely; other girls are born with a partial hymen, or even none at all. But even if there is a full hymen at birth, it often tears long before a girl has intercourse. The tearing can happen through rigorous sports, or even from inserting tampons. Once the hymen tears, it doesn’t grow back.

That’s why some women feel a bit of pain and have a bit of bleeding during intercourse – because their hymen breaks. But for some girls, there might be no pain, only bleeding. For other girls, there might be no sign of a hymen at all.

Sometimes a woman will break her hymen herself during masturbation, especially if she inserts something into the vagina. Even her fingers can break through the hymen. It is very important to remember that with all the potential ways a hymen can break, the lack of bleeding during first intercourse is no proof that a girl is a virgin.

Here we explain what bleeding after losing virginity is like.

Example and Experience

“Do girls bleed during first intercourse? I always wondered that, and I think I got my answer through my sister. When she was about twelve, she went on a horseback riding trail with the rest of our family. We went through some serious underbrush and it was hard riding to get through it. When we came out, she was bleeding so much that it was all over her saddle. She didn’t feel a thing. As you might imagine, my mother freaked right out!

But it turned out that her hymen had broken. She was just riding a horse! She never had any pain. Years later when she had a long-term boyfriend, she confided in me that when they first had sex, she didn’t bleed or feel any pain, and she knew it was because of that day horseback riding when she was twelve.

So do girls bleed during first intercourse? It really depends on what happened before they decide to have sex. Just ask my sister!”

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