Obesity has become a major problem in society due to health issues connected with this condition like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. It also has become a social stigma and a source of discrimination. Many obese patients badly want to experience a state of wellness, but along the way, there will be dilemmas that are expected to challenge their fight towards health.

Dilemmas on the Road to Weight Loss and Fitness


Lifestyle management

Obese persons have to make drastic lifestyle changes if they want to lose the excess weight and become healthier.

Diet: Eat Smart:

As a person struggling with obesity, food will be the number one dilemma. A diet program should be advised by a certified nutritionist in order to guide and help with their food options. They know more about food better than the internet and fitness gurus. They also impose healthy eating instead of calorie-counting, which can be frustrating for someone on a diet. And, remember that there are so many ways to make a favorite dish into a healthier version.


Obesity is often a result of poor physical activity. They are contented with having an idle lifestyle. Moderate exercises are highly recommended to be a starting point for them. It helps improve cardio-respiratory fitness, if they can’t do resistance training immediately.


Hitting the gym

This activity is often the most dreaded one because of the extreme physical activity involved. Obese people often complain of pain and discomfort every time they do resistance training. But, it helps improve muscle strength and tone. Resistance-training can help minimize muscle mass loss. It also increases metabolic activity and reduces fat. It also improves flexibility and balance which is important among obese people. 

Resistance training can also improve bone density and can even protect joints from injury. Weight lifting, which is a part of resistance training, can help lose fat, build muscle and improve overall health.

Behavioral changes

A change in the daily activities and eating practices would be another dilemma for an obese person. It will all depend on the determination and dedication of the person involved,Synaptic Cycles as well as a dedicated counselor or coach to follow-up the progress.


Gender and Body


Women have a more emotional attachment to food, which can sometimes influence why and when they eat. So, do not eat when feeling stressed, depressed and even happy. Do not be an emotional eater, eat only when you are hungry. And divert the attention when feeling emotional. Women also have a clear idea of what they should look like, which is thin. This is the real reason behind their endless weight loss routines.


Men, when overweight, will often be in denial. And they will not lose the extra pounds if not for a health scare that will motivate them to live a more active and healthy lifestyle. Also, the society tolerates obese men more than women. That is why men do not feel the pressure of losing the excess weight right away, unless he has a Body Mass Index of 35.

If someone really wants something, nothing can stand in their way. This goes to show that obesity can be overcome with determination and dedication. With the help of other people who are willing to motivate, inspire, influence and support, nothing is impossible.

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