Alright girls, time to break some stereotypes. Men LIKE to cuddle, especially if it’s with a girl that they like or love. This helps add some spice in the bedroom, something that doesn’t involve sex! So now that we have that out of our way, how about knowing some cute things to do while you two are cuddling?

Cute Things to Do While Cuddling

Yes, a lot of women think there’s nothing more to cuddling than, well, cuddling, but you’re all so wrong! Read on to know everything you can do while you are snuggling up with your partner.

Be the bigger spoon

Who says guys have to always be the bigger spoon? I’m sorry but is there any rule book out there that says so, which has led millions of young women across the globe think that they should always be the smaller spoon? Erm, no. Women are conquering the world and that should be reflected in the bedroom as well. Switch things up. Be the bigger spoon and show him everything that you can do when you’re in charge.


Do bigger spoon activities

And now while you’re the bigger spoon, how about some grinding against his ass? It’s not just for high schoolers anymore. This will rub his tailbone, which by the way has a lot of nerves that are connected to his dick. And you don’t need me to tell you how guys find everything related to their penises, very pleasurable. Or you can use your fingers or even nails to run up and down his back, giving him a wonderfully tingly sensation.


Try sporking

As a utensil, the spork is pretty much useless. But as a technique, it’s very unique. Lie on your back and let him be the big spoon. Throw your top leg over his, and voila! You’re in a position that is more comfortable and also lets you kiss him, something which would not have been possible in a regular spooning position.


Try the butterfly kiss

This is one of those cute things to do while cuddling that he’s always gonna remember. Why? Because adults don’t do a lot of butterfly kisses, especially when French kisses and instant sex are always an option. Here, you have to be close enough to your man’s face (especially cheeks) where your lashes touch his skin. Then gently, flutter your lashes so that he can feel them on his skin. And then watch his face light into the biggest smile you’re ever seen.


Do the reclining cuddle

Oh, men love this one. Here, you have to sit or lie down in a manner that your “lap” area is exposed. Put your arms on his shoulders and gently guide him towards your lap, and then let him lay his head on your lap. When he’s done so, you two can either relax, or you can massage his shoulders and head.


Hold his......... forearm

Everybody holds hands. But do you know that forearms have a LOT of nerve endings? This means that the area surrounding his elbows is going to be especially sensitive to touch. So why not use it to your advantage? Also, if your man’s a fan of the old movies, this touch will subconsciously remind him of the time when the women in movies used to hold the forearms of their men. It will thus make him feel more “manly”. It's actually a pretty genius move, if you think of it that way!



This one’s perfect if you guys are in a new relationship and/or haven’t had sex yet. It shows intimacy without have to take your clothes off. When you two are lying on the bed or sitting on the couch, bring your face close to his neck. Rub it a little with your nose, and then bury your head on his shoulder.


Do the belly cuddle

This one is best performed if he’s lying down. It’s the switch of the reclining cuddle – just place your head on his stomach. This is definitely one of those cute things to do while cuddling.


Have small talks

No matter in what way you are cuddling, you two are really close to each other. Why not whisper some things to each other's ears, saying some sweet words or just talking about each other's day. This will surely bring you a different kind of intimacy.

Things to Avoid

If you think nobody can go wrong when cuddling, haha! You are wrong. Keep an eye out for these common mistakes:

The tight squeeze

Leaving one breathless while cuddling is never good. Ask him to hold you loosely enough when cuddling, and offer the same courtesy to him. For other parts of the body, holding too tightly may result in bruising, which we all know doesn’t go away easily.


The dead arm

Ah, the biggest sin that couples (mostly women) are guilty of committing. NEVER sleep on your boyfriend’s arm. In fact, make sure of it because while it may seem very cute and cuddly to you, it’s highly uncomfortable for your guy.


The human knot

There’s no need to try Yogic postures if both of you are noobs. Stick to the basics; do things you can accomplish and are comfortable doing. No point in cuddling in such a complicated move that untwining yourself from your guy takes hours.


The face-to-face cuddle

Really, who likes hot breathes on the face all the time? Nobody. So avoid this cuddle until and unless your instant goal is to get kissed or kiss him.

It's equally important to know the cute things to do while cuddling and what should be avoided to make each other comfortable and make things sweet.


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