Here are some creative ways to give your home a garden-inspired look.

Part 1


Give an indoor room potting-room touches. Watering cans, fresh flowers and a farmhouse-style cabinet make this entryway feel like a delightful potting shed or flower-arranging room. 


Use outdoor pots and urns indoors. These pieces help add wonderful texture from materials like iron, concrete, terra cotta and ceramic. Oversized pieces make a big statement.


Hang garden tools on the wall. I have to admit, I have a collection that includes an antique wooden rake, a green trellis and antique children’s garden tools, and they’ve all graced my walls as art at some point or another. (The trellis is currently hanging in my guest room.) This homeowner brought in a collection of antique farm tools and treated them like art in the breakfast room. Tongue-and-groove planks and exposed rafters add to the comfortable and casual feel.


Bring garden furniture indoors. A garden table topped with branches and blossoms and beautiful floral prints on the throw pillows lend a wonderful garden-like atmosphere to this bedroom sitting area.


Add garden architecture. This contemporary kitchen connects to the outdoors with a horizontally hung trellis and a wall of glossy green behind the range.


Choose a palette with colors plucked from plants. Mixing a range of greens with gray gives this room a modern garden-inspired look.


Go big with plants. Elegant furniture plus large tropical plants plus a few bird cages equals a wonderful mix. It’s chic Parisian apartment meets rainforest.


Add a garden mural. This one covers the walls in a classical sculpture garden. A large topiary and an indoor window box round out the garden inspiration.


Glean inspiration from gates and fence. These wrought iron doors and sink stand recall whimsical garden gates. 


Give garden elements an indoor twist. In this office, you’ll find artificial leaves in the mobile, trellis patterns on the fabric and a whimsical indoor-outdoor chair winking toward the view outside.


Use outdoor materials indoors. Brick floors and slate floors like this one work just as well indoors as they do out. They are especially good to use in spaces that transition from indoor to out — those with access to a patio or with large windows like those seen here.


Poach furniture from the patio or porch. The intricate wicker furniture and colorful Chinese garden stools complement the botanical wallcovering in this cozy bedroom.


Choose botanical fabrics. Leafy green upholstery and the footed planter bring the garden into this arboreal dining room.


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