There’s nothing like coming home to a bowl of hearty chicken soup on a cold day.  I love a big mug of hot chocolate with a little too much whipped cream when I’m binge watching one of my favorite programs. 

Given that mindset, it doesn’t take me long to wonder if our dogs would enjoy a warm treat too, which inspired me to spend the long New Years weekend cooking for our dogs. 

Part 1


​Turkey, Oats and Veggies

I love this recipe, because it smells so good, but without all the seasonings humans add, the taste is kind of bland for us.  


- 3 pounds ground turkey 

- 2 cups organic oats

- 2 chopped carrots

- 1/2 pound green beans

- 1/2 bundle kale

- 1/2 bundle parsley

- 2 tbsp oregano

- 2 cored and chopped apples

*The type of vegetables are optional, I choose a selection that are safe for dogs. The above ingredients yield 16 or more cups of dog food in our slow cooker. 


Brown the ground turkey in a skillet or pot. 

Add all of the ingredients and 4 cups of water (this varies depending upon your ingredients and your slow cooker) and set to cook for 4 hours.

Allow to cool then serve over your dog’s meal or as a separate meal or cold day treat.

Winter is officially here.  Treat your dog to a healthy, warm meal when you come in from the falling temperatures.


Lamb Bone Broth

Bone broth is a nutrient rich meal that is great for dogs.  It’s mainly suggested for dogs that are recovering from an illness, aren’t eating, or have digestive upset.  I make bone broth in the summer and freeze for cool treats and in the winter to poor over our dogs’ meals for a warm treat.

If you feed a kibble diet, bone broth is a great way to pack more nutritional punch in your dog’s kibble meal while making it easier to digest. 


- 3 lamb neck bones (beef soup bones, turkey bones, pork bones)

- 2 tsp apple cider vinegar

- 1/2 bundle of kale

- 1 tbsp minced garlic

- 1 chopped carrot

- 1/2 pound fresh green beans 

*I use enough bones to fill our slow cooker; the type of vegetables are optional, I choose a selection that are safe for dogs. The garlic in this recipe isn’t toxic in the amount noted, but you’re welcome to leave it out if you’re uncomfortable feeding garlic to your dog.   

The above ingredients yield 14 cups of bone broth in our slow cooker. 


Load up your slow cooker with the ingredients and fill it with enough water to cover the bones.  Set to cook for 20-24 hours.  Let cool.  I remove the gelatin that forms at the top, but some people leave it on. 

Strain the bone broth to make it easier to remove the bones if you’re making the broth from lamb or poultry.  Leave the meat and vegetables in the broth.

I ladle and serve at room temperature over our dogs meal.


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