Charles Frazier is a brilliant writer. His historical novel Cold Mountain is a real masterpiece and a best-seller. It is a book about love and desperateness, war and death, beliefs and hope, spiritual growth and survival. Everybody can find something that strikes a chord, something that makes you set this book aside and think about for some time. Here are some Cold mountain quotes that will show you the whole power and beauty of this book.


You should realize that you can’t change the past, but you must go on with it.


Sometimes all we need is to talk. Just say everything we feel without any evaluation from others. Just sound off. That’s all.


Fortunately, we tend to remember happy and pleasant moments and feelings in our lives. And, thank God, we gradually forget all bad things that happen to us.


We should be grateful for everything and believe in the power of Universe. And if we lose something and feel emptiness, we will be filled with something better. But can we appreciate something without losing it before?


Most of the men will make this mistake.


It is very important not to stick in your past, not to think it over again and not to regret everything that was done or undone.


Literature is very powerful for those who thinks and seeks. No matter how old are you, you’ll always find the right book for your soul.


Sometimes usual practical things may have a non-practical value for us.


The war and the death of her father made Ada change her life. She wasn’t prepared for being a farmer, but that’s the only thing that she could do to survive.


Ada begins to understand the nature of life – every element has its power. 


Inman is numbed by the war. He has seen death many times and he is afraid that he won’t be able to feel compassion and horror again.


There is a huge difference between reading about war and experiencing the war.


Inman never understood war. He even ran away from school during a lesson about war.


We are all spiritual beings and no matter what post we occupy, the most important thing is what we have in our souls.


Home is not a house itself. It is people whom we love. They make every place to feel like home.


It was hard for Inman to imagine the world without slavery where everyone can be free.


He criticizes that the preachers have nothing to do with religion and spirituality.


Ruby proves that you should not go to church every Sunday to have faith and to be spiritually rich. Ruby is united with nature and see its wonder in everything.


Being a spiritual person means to be thankful for everything in your life. 


Cold mountain quotes prove us that the world is full of mysteries and there are a huge number of real things beyond our knowledge.


The harder the way to our dream is, the more pleasure we can get when we achieve what we want. Maybe Inman's love for Ada is so deep and strong because his road to her was very hard.


No matter what mistakes have you done in the past, there is always the way to excuse.


Ada and Ruby managed to save hope in their hearts despite they were disappointed by the results of the war and deaths of their neighbors and the dearest.


Life is not a fairytale. Even if in the end you are happy, you are sure to have your scars with you on the journey to happiness. That’s what Stobrod’s songs are about – about the world as it is.


Ruby explains the war from her point of view.


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