You're spending a lot on the wedding of your dreams which might mean you need to consider skipping the honeymoon. Don't rule out being able to afford a romantic trip after your big day! You can plan a budget-friendly honeymoon that is still fantastic and memorable. Consider these affordable honeymoon ideas if you are looking for an cheap way to get away as newlyweds.

Romantic, Fun and Cheap Honeymoon Ideas



A cruise offers the best of both romance and entertainment. This honeymoon option is ideal because it is affordable and you can get so much for the price you pay. Most packages will include a cabin, food for the duration of the cruise, various activities and entertainment as well as the option to explore the ports you stop at along the way. To make this an even more affordable option, choose to drive to the boarding port or make it a short cruise for just a few days.


Destination wedding/honeymoon combination

Consider combining your wedding and honeymoon in one trip. Many exotic locations offer bride and groom’s packages that include a free wedding ceremony. If you are planning a small intimate wedding, this might be the best option for you to get a beautiful honeymoon as well.


Hold off on booking your honeymoon

Many couples want to have their honeymoon planned out just as far in advance as the wedding, but this will often cost you a lot more. If you don't have your hearts set on a particular location for your honeymoon, consider waiting until the last minute to book one. When you wait to book your honeymoon, you will often find some huge money saving deals and even if you don't get the best room at the resort, many honeymooners get an upgrade once the staff knows they are on their honeymoon.


Go with a discounter

There are many cheap honeymoon ideas that you can purchase from unlikely places. Some well-known discount stores offer travel packages and hotel deals. While they may not be for the best cabins or rooms, you can get a great deal that is affordable. If you aren't too particular about the finest amenities, then you want to look into seeing what packages you can get at a bargain price from a discounter location.


Camp out

You don't have to stay in a luxury hotel or have a view of the beach, sometime the best destination is one that gets you back into nature. If you are planning your honeymoon near a national park, consider camping out for part of your honeymoon instead of spending every night in a hotel.


Affordable Honey Destination

Actually, there are so many cheap honeymoon destinations you can choose for a wonderful holiday.

In the US:

  • Lake Tahoe. Located between California and Nevada sits Lake Tahoe. It offers beaches and mountains, which means you can choose between a beachside villa or a cabin in the mountains. Not only can honeymooners find plenty of activities to keep them busy during the day like hiking and skiing, but they can also enjoy the exciting nightlife in the evening.

  • Oahu. Most Hawaiian trips can be quite expensive, but Oahu is an affordable option for any newlywed budget. Oahu has the picturesque scenery that many other Hawaiian Islands offer as well as warm waters that are calm and relaxing. Honeymooners can reserve Beach Bungalows that have a full kitchen, grill, hammock and is located right on the beach. With many hotels to choose from, bride and groom will be able to book a cheap flight to this tropical destination at a price they can afford.

  • Havasupai. If you are an adventurous couple looking for cheap honeymoon ideas, then this beautiful destination located in Arizona could be for you. With some of the most unforgettable views in the world, this getaway offers breathtaking scenery. Embark on a ten-mile hike to Havasu Falls and you will have an experience of a lifetime. It is located on the Havasupai Native Reservation at the corner of the Grand Canyon which offers plenty of hotel lodging and camping options.

International Destinations:

  • Jamaica. When you think of a Caribbean vacation, you automatically think it has to cost a fortune but that isn't always the case. If you don't stay at one of the larger resort hotels, you can find a room for a low price with cheap airfare. The newlyweds can enjoy all the amenities Jamaica has offered like taking a romantic hike to the waterfalls, snorkeling or just enjoying a quiet day on the beach. You'll enjoy the eccentric nightlife while also have the romantic honeymoon you always dream of that takes you to warm sandy beaches with unforgettable food and entertainment.

  • Ireland. If you aren't interested in the tropical destination but still want spectacular views and scenery, then Ireland should be at the top of your honeymoon destination list. Emerald Isles on the west coast of Ireland offers visitor stunning views filled with villages, castles, and greenery all at an affordable rate. You can find a bargain at one of the many bed and breakfast locations that offer honeymooners a romantic stay with one of a kind views overlooking the Atlantic ocean.

  • Portugal. If you are looking for cheap honeymoon ideas that take you to western Europe, then Portugal should be one of the destinations you consider. Couples can enjoy the old world charm Portugal has offered with its fishing villages, olive groves, and castles. While you get a taste of the old world charm, you will also enjoy some of the modern cultures. You'll find golf courses, beaches and an entertaining nightlife that will keep you busy for your entire trip. There are plenty of five-star hotels that you can stay at which have an affordable rate and enjoy fine dining experiences that won't cost you a fortune.


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