A certificate of employment is something that proves for people to identify that the employee has worked in a specific company and undertaken certain professional tasks while working in a specific line of work. Without a certificate of employment, the employee cannot prove to the employer that he or she has worked with a company. This is why the certificate of employment is such an important document that every person in the market needs, therefore they can prove their worth and the experience that they have in the field.

The certificate of employment is not just given out without any request out of the blue. Instead it is usually requested by the employee when they are looking for a new job. Usually, a certificate of employment is written on paper printed with the company's letterhead and the signature by the person in charge of the company. This signature proves that the employee has worked under a certain capacity at the company and that they have the experience necessary for their new job.

However, applying for a new job is not the only reason people ask for an employment certificate. There are many other reasons why an employee might suddenly require a certificate of employment from the company that he or she works for. The certificate of employment can be used for the application of a VISA or for a loan application.

Part 1: What Is a Certificate of Employment?

You might wonder what exactly a certificate of employment is and what it contains. Here are a few things that are listed in a certificate of employment:

Personal information regarding the employee

The personal information of the employee is inclusive of his name (both his first name and family name), birth date and birth place, and other such personal information.

Duration and duties of the employee at a firm

When an employee is leaving a firm and needs to explain what he does at a firm, then the certificate of employment states what his position was, what activities he has administered, what duties he has undertaken and for what duration has the employee worked with said firm.

Work performance of the employee

This part of the letter states what the performance level of the employee was and if he was capable enough to meet the goals and overcome obstacles. Did the employee meet deadlines and if he or she took initiative in important projects or not. And if the employee took care of customer satisfaction or not.

The behavior of the employee

What was the attitude of the employee and how serious was he or she about his or her work. Was he or she a team player and how strong were his or her communication skills? What were the employee’s leadership abilities? Was he or she available for work when he or she was needed and was he or she motivated to carry out the work or was the employee simply reluctant to do so?

The employer's information

It is also required to list the company's information on the certificate of employment. The company’s logo and address should be present showing that it is absolutely authentic.

Part 2: What Should Be Included in the Certificate of Employment?

The general format of the certificate of employment is as follows:

  • The date and day it is issued

  • The contact information of the employer

  • A polite greeting message

  • The subject line which states the purpose of the letter

  • The information of the employee including his or her name, the company name and the date the employee was hired by the company

  • The salary the employee was given during the time he or she worked here

  • Stating that the employer is available for answering any questions

  • A closing statement

Part 3: Samples

Sample 1

Date: 09/05/2011

Mr. Wallace Phillips

Hover Apartment Complex

76 Bowler Street

Charleston, PO 78168

Subject: Letter of Employment Verification for John Harding

Mr. Phillips,

John Harding has been an employee of the English Industries as a Human Resources manager from the year 2003. His annual salary as of June 2003 has been $30,000. John has been serving our company on a full time basis and has a thirst for excellence.

You can contact me at 000-666-6666 if there are any ambiguities.


Martin Angle

English Industries

67 Jelly Street,

Charleston, PO 90987

Sample 2

From ABC Company


                                               CERTIFICATE OF   EMPLOYMENT

To someone it may concern:

This document is written to prove the employment of XX as Kasambahay   from __________ to _____________. In her duration, she generally does some daily household chore and she has worked very well. Upon her request, the certification of employment is given for whatever the purpose is.


  • Words indicating a bad reputation of the employee or derogatory remarks
  • Generally, the termination reason is not supposed in the certification of employment.
  • The salary information should not be included only when you asked to do so (when it is required, please see sample 1 as your writing reference.)
  • Keep the letter short and simple and do not add unnecessary information
  • Make the letter printed with your letterhead

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