We adore celebrities for their looks and talent. Some become our role models, some we love or hate. But most of us secretly envy them. Their fame and fortune. Their flashy lifestyle.

But is there a dark side to their glamorous lifestyle? Indeed there is, and it’s called addiction, mostly to drugs. Some celebrities seem to think using drugs will help them handle the pressures of the “Showbiz”, not realizing the often irrevocable harm they do to themselves.

Let’s look at some of these celebrity drug addicts.

Top 20 Surprising Celebrity Drug Addicts That You Might Not Know



Sting was a substance abuser in the 1980s, frequently using cocaine and ecstasy during that period. Fortunately for him, he realized the harm it was causing to his body before it was too late and quit his addiction.


Charlie Watts

The extremely talented drummer of Rolling Stones was yet another of the celebrity drug addicts of the 80s. Similar to his band members, Watts took to alcohol and heroin, and for the next few years, his life went downhill. After coming out of the addiction, he confessed how drugs nearly devastated him and his family. Watts has been clean for nearly 30 years now. 


Lady Gaga

Gifted yet eccentric, Lady Gaga used drugs to cope up with the high expectations she and others put on her. The singer of “Applause” shared how she used to get high on cocaine to write music, and also using it to drive away feelings of isolation. Lady Gaga has stopped substance abuse now and strongly recommends her fans to refrain from doing drugs.


Belinda Carlisle

Belinda was the lead vocalist of the wildly successful female band, The Go-Go’s and an early addict to cocaine. She was still a teenager when she started using drugs and remained an addict for 3 decades before sobering up.


Demi Lovato

The multi-talented singer, actress and model had to go into rehab for drug addiction and mental issues. After realizing she was suffering from Bipolar Disorder, Demi unwisely started taking drugs to numb her emotional stress. The Barney & Friends star doesn’t shy away from talking about her addiction in the past and helps others struggling with drug abuse.


Yoko Ono

Yoko and her legendary husband John Lennon both did drugs and procured their stash from a shady heroin dealer. She has also confessed in interviews they both had a fear of needles, and how she nearly got addicted to heroin.


James Taylor

Surprising as it seems, James Taylor too is on our list of celebrity drug addicts, owing to his two decade addiction to heroin. The legendary musician, who also struggled to keep his married life together, is now clean of his addictions.


Oprah Winfrey

One of the richest women on the planet, Oprah Winfrey was a drug user in her younger days before stardom. She claims to have got used to cocaine while with her then boyfriend, before getting her life back in order.


Brad Pitt

The most wanted Hollywood actor of the 90s, Brad Pitt had experienced dark days with marijuana after he became popular. It was only after his second marriage to Angelina Jolie that he kicked his habit and now enjoys being a responsible father to his kids.


Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan, one of the most influential names in pop music, is another heroin victim. In an old interview, he confessed how seriously addicted he was to heroin back in his early days as a singer but finally managed to quit doing drugs.


Drew Barrymore

Barrymore became a star at age 6 after acting in the iconic sci-fi film E.T. and like many other actors who found fame early became addicted to drugs. She has undergone several rehabilitation programs since childhood for drugs and alcohol and has stayed clean for a long time now.


Craig Robinson

“The Office” actor Craig was arrested for possessing and consuming cocaine and marijuana among other drugs in 2008. The actor was again detained in 2013 for drug possession.


Kelly Osbourne

The former reality show star and now TV host started doing drugs when she was still in her teens. And once her mother was affected with cancer, she got totally addicted to a drug called Vicodin that helped relieve her pain. Kelly has been in rehab 3 times and has eventually managed to kick out her addiction, becoming a fashion diva and TV host.


Brian Wilson

The lead singer of Beach Boys, Brian Wilson was once a heavy user of all sorts of drugs: LSD, amphetamines, heroin and cocaine. Initially using drugs to apparently inspire creativity, his addiction compounded after the death of his father. Fortunately, Wilson has been sober now for a very long time.


Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps is the most successful athlete in the history of Olympics. Sadly, he too was addicted to alcohol and marijuana and twice got caught driving under the influence. The legendary swimmer was suspended from his sport and underwent rehab a year ago.


Anthony Kiedis

The Red Hot Chili Peppers lead singer was introduced to drugs by his father when he was young. Kiedis was a drug addict for a very long time during which he saw many of his fellow artists and friends succumb to their drug addiction. Eventually, he got into a comprehensive rehab program and is now clean.


Angelina Jolie

Not just Brad Pitt, but Angelina Jolie too had her share of issues with drugs. One of the most popular celebrity drug addicts, Jolie had become addicted to cocaine and heroin at a young age and even planned to commit suicide. Unlike most though, the pretty actress was able to turn her life around and is now known for her films and activism.


Elton John

Sir Elton John took to drugs when regularly partying as a popular singer. After living in self denial about his drug addiction for a long time, he finally realized his folly and came out and has remained clean. 



The super talented Black Eyed Peas singer was addicted to ecstasy and meth in her teen years and had psychotic episodes because of her drug abuse. After understanding the effects drugs were having on her health, she stopped her addiction and became a popular singer and has a great family.


Robert Downey Jr.

Before he played a billionaire, playboy, philanthropist and tech genius on the screen, Robert Downey Jr. grappled with drug addiction. Introduced to alcohol and drugs at a very young age, he was caught holding illegal substances on several occasions and even had to spend a year in jail for it. Fortunately for him (and us!), he was able to kick out his addiction and has been clean with a very successful film career now.


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