A person who identifies with a different gender than what they are born with, or who prefers to express themselves as a different gender than their assigned sex is called transgender. A transsexual is someone who has had or is having medical treatments and surgeries to change their bodies to match the gender they identify with. Though the conception of transgender is age old, the term was coined by Columbia University psychiatrist John F. Oliven in 1965. By the mid-1980s, the transgender community was finally establishing themselves as a group. Transgender individuals since the beginning of time have always been yearning for the same opportunities and rights as their cisgendered counterparts, one of which being the chance to conceive and give birth.

Can a Transgender Have a Baby?

Trans Women: No

For those who were born with male sex organs, who now identify as female, or even have had surgery to transition to a woman, still cannot have a baby. Surgical transitions have yet to include a successful uterus transplant. Though an ectopic pregnancy could theoretically be a possibility, it would come with a wild array of extreme risks threatening the health of the parent and the child. Therefore, even well planned ectopic pregnancies are not likely to be studied in humans.

Trans Men: Yes

For trans men who were born with female reproductive organs and still retain functioning ovaries, the answer to the question of "Can a transgender have a baby?" is a yes. This is even true for a trans man that has been through treatments of hormone replacement therapy. The physical pregnancy for trans man is exactly the same as it is for the cisgendered woman. There are, however, a variety of social and emotional stigmas that could make pregnancy difficult.

Since society views pregnancy as a solely feminine experience, it can be difficult for a trans man to access the proper care they need. There is scarce public awareness and services available for pregnant men. Trans men who get pregnant may also experience gender dysphoria, which is brought on by the radical changes in their body like breast enlargement and a pregnant belly. The way a trans pregnant man is perceived by the public around him can make him feel very isolated and lonely.

Can Transgender People Get Their Period?

Trans Women: Still No

At the moment, it is currently biologically and medically impossible for a trans woman to get her period, even for those who have used hormone replacement therapy. This is also true for trans women who have had sexual reassignment surgery and a vaginoplasty, because, in order to have a menstruation cycle and a period, there must be a functioning uterus.

Trans men: Yes and No

Can a transgender have a baby? Yeah, trans man can, but can they still get periods? Trans men who are taking testosterone will eventually stop getting their period at some point. This may take up to a year for the period to fully cease. Therefore, a transgender cannot have their period.

The only trans people who will still have a period are Trans men, or queer individuals who were assigned female reproductive organs at birth and who do not take any hormones will still have their period.

Can Transgender Men Have Sperm?

Except knowing "Can a transgender have a baby?" and "Can transgender people have periods?" Here comes another question, “Can trans men have sperm?” 

It is the gonads that evolve into testicles or ovaries. A person born with female reproductive organs will have ovaries, regardless of their gender reassignment. Not to mention, genital reconstruction surgery for female to male transitions is still highly primitive. So transgender men cannot have sperm.

In the very unlikely event that a person born as female develops one or even two testis, there is a chance that there will be sperm, although their chances of being totally sterile are much higher.


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