Can a random fling turn into a serious relationship? Now that’s a million dollar question right there. Maybe you have googled this topic for some time and still didn't find one perfect answer. But since you find this article, your doubt is going to be solved here. So without further ado, let’s get into it.

Can a Fling Turn Into a Relationship?

So you met someone nice, you had a great time, and you know what? You genuinely enjoyed his company. In today’s world, an increasing number of individuals prefer having sex before getting into a relationship, so you really shouldn’t feel awkward about turning your fling into a relationship.

So now that we have that out of the way, the next part is about knowing him. And to be honest, in the world of Facebook and WhatsApp, it’s almost always possible to be in touch with anyone you want to stay in touch with, right? Then communication between you two has been great and it’s only increased in frequency. That makes you happy, but you are also apprehensive because you aren’t sure if your fling can turn into a relationship. But guess what? It CAN happen. An increasing number of people have got into serious relationships with people they previously had hook-ups with, so who’s to say you cannot be one of those people?

How to Turn a Fling Into a Relationship

And now that we’ve answered your question "Can a fling turn into a relationship?" we move on to the next part – how to turn it into a relationship. Here are the necessary steps you should take to make it.

Introspect first

Try to understand why it is that you want to take things further? Is it because she’s hot and the sex is great? Then you’re better off as friends with benefits because good looks and great sex never sustain any healthy relationship. Is it because she’s kind and genuinely cares for you? Yeah sure, go for it! Is it because she’s the only woman to show some interest in you in the last 6 months and you’re tired of being lonely? Uh, no. That’s NO reason to date.


Fess up

Is the woman that you like a mind reader? No? Then how can you just magically expect her to know what you feel about her? Dropping hints does you no good, because she might not take them as anything more than flirtatious advances. You want to be with her? Then open your mouth and confess your feelings to her. Sure, you can keep them to yourself and spend every hour of every day in agony, wondering whether she does or doesn’t like you. In that case, good luck being a coward!


Tell her exactly what you’re looking for

You two need to be on the same page when it comes to the relationship, and nothing beats a good old fashioned heart to heart talk. I mean, what do you get by putting it off? What’s the point in him thinking one thing and you thinking the other? Differences in opinions are bound to surface, so it’s best to nip those problems in the bud.


Take baby steps

Can a fling turn into a relationship? Yes but bridging the gap between a fling and a relationship is tough. But once you realize that you have to take things one day at a time. It becomes relatively easy. A smooth transition is important, so keep things casual in the beginning. Go out on dates, have fun and even invite her over for a movie marathon.


Talk sincerely

I am not sure how you expect to get into a relationship before really getting to know someone. And what’s the best way to know a person? By talking to them, of course! So whenever possible, choose places like coffee shops or art galleries (as opposed to watching movies or going to theme parks) where you two can have a real conversation with each other.


Keep sex on the back burner

If every date of yours ends up in sex, it kinda defeats the purpose of getting to know each other because honestly sex will be on both of your minds.


Patience is key

Look, there’s no substitute for time. And you have to be patient because if you rush things through, you’ll only end up spoiling everything that you've worked so hard on. More so because both of you are right now in the casual stage, which means ending things by either party would not be that difficult because a strong emotional bond has not been created. In order to let that bond develop, you have to give it time and to do so, you have to be very patient. And if you still feel patience isn’t a virtue, then well you have the answer to your question, "Can a fling turn into a relationship?" I would highly recommend you not getting into any relationship any time soon.


Maintain communication

Communication is always key. And sometimes if you have nothing to talk about, send him a funny joke or meme. It’ll show him that even though you have nothing to talk to him about, you still make effort to stay in touch with him. And he’ll appreciate that.


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