There are a lot of means in order to communicate with someone far away from you. There is Skype, Facebook, Twitter and emails. These are the usual platforms we use when we want to connect with our loved ones while we or they are the ones away. But when it comes to dating women, you must know how to communicate with them because this will make a big difference. This article will give you ten tips on how to properly communicate with the girl you are dating on the phone.

Rules of Calling Her on the Phone


Call her after 2 days

This is a basic rule when dating. After getting her number, do not call her immediately because this might just give her the impression that you are bored and have nothing to do in life or worse, she might think you are desperate. But don’t wait for too long before calling her because she might get angry or might even forget you. You don’t want to experience the awkward feeling of reminding her how the two of you met. 

Call her within two to four days after getting her number. The calls will get more relaxed as you enter the dating stage. You do not need to set another date when you call her for the first time; instead, you can simply thank her for the time she spent with you. 


Make a reason to call her

It is a rule that you should call her with a valid reason, like that there is something urgent you need to ask. After three or more months, you can call her more spontaneously but you should still have a reason, though it does not have to be as rigid as the first few months. 

You can call her just to tell her about the movie you just watched but try to avoid calling her without any reason at all or just because you want to hear her voice. If you really want to call just because you want to, make up a reason. She will definitely notice this but at least you are not so aggressive and this may also look sweet for her.


Keep the call short

Girls chat with their friends for long periods, and if you  do this too, you might end up in the friend zone. Always keep in mind that you call her for a reason and you need to get directly to the point. Besides, calling her on the phone is just an interlude to dating, not a substitute. Chatting must be done personally. If she wants to talk with you for a while, engage for a short while and never make it overly long.


Hang up first

Prepare an excuse to hang up first sometimes. When you call, tell her first that the call will be short due to certain reason. Once you have said what you need to say, tell her your excuse like somebody is at your door and then hang up. Also, do not engage in the “You hang up; No, you hang up” game. If she tries this at you, just say okay and then hang up. Do this to make her want more but make sure you are not being rude. 


Stay positive

Even though women are born to be good listeners, nobody wants to hang out with someone who always complains and is always gloomy. So at least during the early stages of your dates, keep your issues within and maintain a positive attitude. This will not only attract her but it will also benefit you, like making you a warmer and happier person.


Leave a positive impression

Always make sure that you leave a remarkable impression after hanging up. This will help you redeem yourself even if the start of your conversation was awkward. She will always remember the last thing you said after hanging up. So, when calling her on the phone, make sure you make her smile before ending the call. You may do this by cracking a good joke, a piece of hilarious news or anything that you know will make her laugh.


Call at the right time

Of course, do not call her during work hours. Not only you will get screwed up when caught by your boss but she will also get interrupted with her job. There is no way that she can enjoy talking to you with her co-workers and boss around. Besides, do not give her the hard question of making her choose between her family and you. Be a considerate guy. 

If you want to set a date during the weekend, call her on a Wednesday, not on a Friday or Saturday evening because this will give her the impression that you do not respect her enough, you are not serious about the date, you are just bored, or worse you are just looking for a weekend booty call.


Make the call personal

Men and women have different perceptions when it comes to phone calls. Talking over phone may seem to be impersonal for you, but for her, she can spend long hours talking about her life over the phone. In cases like this, look at a picture of her while talking so that you will feel more connected to her.


Avoid closed-ended questions

Closed-ended questions only require a yes or a no for an answer. This will make your conversation boring and the girl you are courting might lose interest in talking to you. Use open-ended questions like "What do you think about a certain movie?" where she has to explain further. This will keep your conversation going and interesting.


More rules to bear in mind

  • Make sure to call at a place where no one can overhear your conversation; this will make your girl open up to you even more.

  • Remember that you are the one who initiated the call so make sure to give her your full attention. It will make her feel that talking to her or calling her on the phone is important for you.

  • Make her feel your affection via the phone by complimenting her. For example, tell her that she tells the best stories or she cracks the best jokes.


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