Most people hit the gym and pump some iron to build huge biceps and a big wide chest and shoulders, but not many pay attention to the lower body and do nothing to have a fit man butt. Believe it or not, your female counterparts don't just love your washboard abs, but they admire you more if you have a muscular and toned butt. To accomplish your goal, you need to do some effective butt exercises for men that specifically target your hamstrings, gluteal, and the quadriceps.

10 Best Butt Exercises for Men



The 'squat' is one outstanding exercise to build a toned butt. It activates your body's biggest muscles in the buttocks, legs and back. Simply fold your arms across your chest or hold a dumbbell in each hand, and start bending your knees while lowering your trunk as well. Keep going down until your thighs are just parallel with the floor. Do it 25 times to feel the burn in your buttocks.


Gluteus kickbacks

It puts your gluteus muscles to use, so is an effective way to build toned buttocks. Start by getting into the doggy position with your head raised. While looking forward, raise one of your legs back and up, making sure that your foot is above head level. Make certain your lifted knee is parallel with your torso. Hold it for a while and repeat the same with your other leg. Be sure to squeeze your buttocks when raising your leg and holding the position.


Single-Leg Pelvic Lifts

The exercise is effective because it challenges your core and glutes, and improves your balance because you have to perform it on one leg. Lie on the floor, bend your knees, and place your feet firmly on the ground with arms placed at your sides. Cross your right leg over the left until you place it just above the knee of your left leg. Now lift your pelvic up towards the roof – do it slowly until your back is straight. While lifting your pelvis, clench your butt tightly and hold the position at least for a few seconds. Repeat the same with your other leg.



This multi-joint exercise increases muscle tissue, shapes your lower body, and makes your hips more flexible. Start from a standing position. Now take a step in front and bend both knees slowly until the back knee is about to touch the floor. Do it with torso straight, tummy in, and buttocks squeezed tightly. Now push your body up using your front heel to get back in the starting/standing position. Repeat.


Lunges While Walking

The walking lunges target the gluteus Maximus, and you can make it even effective by holding dumbbells down by your side – you can also perform it with a weighted barbell on the back of your shoulder, but some may not find it that comfortable. Make sure there's enough room in front of you to take one large step forward while maintaining the staggered stance. Drop your back by bending your front knee until it's about to touch the ground. Now bring your trail foot up again to go back to a standing position. Repeat this while walking ahead.



These are not only butt exercises for men, but for women also! Find a comfortable place and lie on your back. Now bend your knees a little while making sure the feet are still on the floor – keep your feet at least hip-width apart. Lift your spine off the floor in a slow, controlled motion – lift one vertebra at a time. Keep your hamstrings and butt squeezed until you've formed a diagonal line from your knees to your shoulders. Stay in that position for a while and return slowly to the floor.



It's an effective back and butt exercise that uses most of your muscles in your lower body. Start from a standing position with feet apart and your toes right under your barbell. Now bend over and grab the bar with an overhand grip. With arms fully extended, back flat, and buttocks squeezed, lift it off the ground using your glutes and thighs. Keep the bar close to your body. Slowly go back to the starting position.


Step Ups

It is a compound exercise and works your lower-body muscles, including your gluteus muscles. It is effective because it mimics a real-life movement – simply find a raised platform and step up using alternating legs. While stepping up, be sure to squeeze your butt hard. Hold a dumbbell in each hand to increase the intensity. Walking up an incline will have the same tightening effect on your butt.


Kettlebell Swings

This is one of the most explosive and effective butt exercises for men. This hip extension exercise gets you a firm butt, and it burns calories quite quickly. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and kettlebell in your hands. Start bending your knees while pushing your buttocks back. Now hinge forward from your butt and lower weight between your knees. Now move your butt forward and swing the weight up until it comes to the shoulder height. With arms straight, lower the weight to the starting position.


Flutter Kicks

Flutter kicks can be one of the very best butt exercises for men that sculpt a toned butt quickly. Go get a coffee table, a weight bench, or another horizontal surface to do this exercise. Now lie face down on it, making sure that your hips are on the edge of the surface. While holding the table tightly, squeeze your butt and lift one leg up without involving the other. Stay in that position for a while and bring your leg back to the surface, and repeat the same with the other leg. Multiple sets of this exercise will sculpt your bottom effectively.

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