Torrent websites are becoming popular day by day because they are easy to use. A large number of files, movies, and software are uploaded on torrent websites each day and its P2P network allows users to download these files easily. This is the reason torrent use is on the rise. Most people now turn towards torrent websites to find movies, software and games. However, since there a large number of torrent sites, people may find it very difficult to choose a torrent site which is reliable. This is the reason we have come up with this list of the best torrent sites which are becoming increasingly popular this year.

Best Torrenting Sites in This Year


Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay is used by almost every user who has known of bit torrents. It is one of the oldest torrent websites as it was created in 2003. It has been the most dominant torrent sites of all times. Recently the website has faced a few legal troubles and a number of ISPs have blocked the site. Yet, the popularity of this torrent website has not subsided one tiny bit. The popularity of Pirate Bay can be gauged from the fact that in a month the site gets almost a billion hits. A major reason of its popularity is the availability of large number of music files, software and movies on the site.




Monova is a torrent website that is growing fast. Its visitors are growing and a major reason of its growing audience is the large number of movies, TV shows, software and games that get uploaded to the site every day. The interface of the website is easy for people to understand and in addition to providing the option of downloading videos through torrent. Comments on each torrent make it easier for visitors to make sure that the file they are downloading is indeed what they require.




Isohunt is also among the oldest torrent websites on the internet and has also faced a number of obstacles. The most recent obstacle came when the site had to shut down after a legal battle. The site opened re-launched in October last year and its loyal visitors have made sure that it still has over a million page views each day. A major reason of its popularity among internet users is the fact that the site has continued to improve its features and options consistently.



Kickass Torrents

Kickass Torrents website is almost five years old now being first launched in 2009. Since then, the website has made tremendous progress, and is now among the most popular torrent websites in the world with a large range of torrent files of all kinds and a similarly large number of visitors each day. One of the major reasons which have ensured such popularity of the site is the fact that Kickass torrents keep a look at bad torrents on its site and keep pruning such files. Moreover, they also have a very responsible community on their website which provides ratings to each torrent so that other people can benefit from it.




Torrentz is a very popular torrent site and got launched in 2003 and does not host any files on its server unlike other sites on this list. Rather, the site acts like a search engine for all torrents hosted on a number of different sites. If you want to look for a file, music video, movie or any other kind of file through torrent, you can simply search this website to find it. The website now indexes more than 25 million files on its database.




1337X is a newcomer to the world of torrent, but in a short time it has built a strong reputation for itself because of its purposeful vision. The vision of the website is to create a site where people can find quality torrents without having to fear that the torrent they will download would be useless. For this purpose the site ensures that all the files uploaded on its server are useful and weed out any file that is bad.




BitSnoop is also a torrent website that is about 5 years older and now is estimated to be among the most used torrent search engines. The website claims that it has one of the largest indexes of torrent files. One unique thing about BitSnoop is that though it is only a search engine, visitors can download the file they are looking for directly from BitSnoop without having to be directed towards the website on which the concerned torrent is being hosted.




The quality that set EZTV apart from other websites on this list is the fact that it only hosts specialized files. All other torrent sites host all files, videos, software on their servers but EZTV dedicatedly hosts only TV content on its server. This is one reason why the site is very popular among its visitors. Since, it is a dedicated site it also contains calendar and time tables for different TV shows and when a new one is going to get released.




TorrentUs is a torrent search engine very similar to Torrentz. It is a relatively new website, but is becoming popular very quickly because of its easy to use interface and high service quality. In addition to having a large index of torrents, the site also hosts a number of articles on the subject of torrents, how to use them and how to keep one’s identity hidden while using the platform. In addition, they continuously update their information section and provide new information to their users.




Toorgle is another torrent search engine which claims to search more than 400 torrent websites and as many as 55 million indexed torrents. The site is becoming increasingly popular among torrent users because of its extremely powerful searching abilities. It search engine has also been compared with Google in its effectiveness. At this moment, the site is relatively less known compared to its potential but its strong search engine credentials are the reason, the site’s visitors are increasing with every passing day.


  • This article in no way supports unlawful replication and misuse of copyright videos, movies, music or files. You must know that employing file-sharing platforms like bit torrent and P2P to share unsanctioned copyrighted files is a crime in a number of countries across the world including the US. Therefore, you can check the link in Reference before making any downloads through torrent.

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