The internet is full of software that can be used for the purpose of downloading torrents. Many of them are available for free and can be used with multiple operating systems as well. However, the availability of so many torrent software programs makes choosing the best torrent downloading software among them a bit of challenge.

The following is an up-to-date list containing the names of the best torrent clients in 2014 that don’t cost you a dime and can be downloaded from the internet with ease. You can make use of any one of them for downloading movies and games using the BitTorrent network.

9 Best Torrent Client for Both Windows and Mac OS X



uTorrent is the most popular of all the torrent clients. It does not require much space on the computer and do not slow down the internet speed as well. This software is extremely fast and at the same time is very easy to use as well. There are many customization options available which include bandwidth allocation and prioritization of files. In addition to this, the software allows you to automatically start torrent download from an RSS feed. The uTorrent Remote allows you to manage your torrent files from anywhere using your Android device without encountering any problems.

Operating System Supports: Windows, Mac, Linux

Official Website:



BitTorrent lies second on the list of the best torrent clients. It offers you the chance to download an unlimited number of files simultaneously. Another amazing feature that BitTorrent has to offer you is fast downloading speed. Since the files are broken down into smaller pieces before being downloaded, they are downloaded at a much faster speed. With BitTorrent, you get the chance to play the media files while you are downloading them. There is a bandwidth booster available with this torrent client which automatically manages the bandwidth allocation for the files you are downloading without affecting your system’s speed.

Operating System Supports: Windows, Mac, Linux

Official Website:



BitComet is another excellent torrent client which offers a number of useful features and options to you. It allows you to share your torrent files while they are being downloaded and gives you the opportunity to preview the media files even before they have fully downloaded. In addition to this, BitComet gives you the chance to set priority for your torrents, thus allowing you to decide which file gets downloaded first. With BitComet, you get the option of P2P downloading and receive multi-language support as well. A bandwidth scheduler is also included in this torrent client.

Operating System Supports: Windows

Official Website:



MediaGet is a simple and easy to use torrent client. It offers you the chance to play partially downloaded media files through its media player. It also provides you the opportunity to quickly search torrent files from a number of torrent sites by offering you a torrent search option. Another great feature of MediaGet is that it organizes the downloaded torrents into categories so that they can be easily viewed by the users. With MediaGet, you also get the chance to import the lists of the uTorrent downloads as well.

Operating System Supports: Windows and Mac

Official Website:



Transmission is the best torrent client available for Mac and Linux users. It offers a plethora of options for the users and makes use of a very limited number of system resources. This is why this torrent client does not affect your system performance or internet speed while downloading files. Transmission allows you to remotely control your downloads using terminal and web clients with consummate ease. Local peer discovery is another great option that is brought to you by this torrent client.

Operating System Supports: Mac and Linux

Official Website:


Vuze BitTorrent Client

Vuze is a popular torrent client which allows you to begin your torrent downloads with just one click. It has the capability to run HD videos and any type of media file through its media built-in media player. There is a search option available which allows you to find the content you are looking for quickly and easily. A great option offered by Vuze is that it can automatically shut down your PC when the downloading has finished or play the file that was being downloaded.

Operating System Supports: Windows and Mac

Official Website:



qBittorrent is an excellent torrent client which gives you the chance to download a number of torrents simultaneously. It has a built-in web browser as well as an RSS feed which allows you to search for torrent files in a much easier and quicker manner. In addition to this, there are options available for queuing of torrents, IP filtering and remote monitoring of the torrent files as well.

Operating System Supports: Windows, Linux, Mac

Official Website:



Deluge is a great torrent client that has amazing torrent management features to offer you. This torrent client provides you a great number of statistics about the torrents you are downloading like size, progress, download and upload speed and much more. It also gives you the chance to adjust the download and upload speeds of all of your torrents as well.

Operating System Supports: Windows, Mac, Linux

Official Website:



Boxopus is a web-based torrent client thus there is no need for you to download it on your PC. It offers a maximum torrent file size of 1 GB. With Boxopus, you get a Chrome extension that can be used for the purpose of adding torrents from any of the popular torrent websites.

Operating System Supports: Windows, Mac, Linux

Official Website:

  • Since it is unlawful to use file-sharing and P2P technologies like BitTorrent for distributing copyrighted material in a number of countries including the United States, we do not give permission for or advocate the unauthorized copying or sharing of copyrighted material.
  • The extremely slow torrent downloads that have been experienced by users have been down to the manipulation of the P2P/BitTorrent traffic by the ISPs.

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