No one can deny the significant role played by fresh organic fruits in the maintenance of health and wellness in individuals of all age groups. Most of us are aware that fruits are very useful for us but the maximum benefit can only be obtained if we can figure out the best time to eat fruit in the recommended quantities at the appropriate time. It is not like whenever we want, we take fruits and they will benefit us. Instead we should look for the most appropriate time to consume fruits in order to gain maximum nutritional and health-promoting benefits associated with fruit intake.

When Is the Best Time to Eat Fruit?

A lot of people want to know what the best time to consume fruits is; and if it is before or after meal? There are many different answers in articles, magazines, books, and on internet regarding the routine in which fruits should be taken.

Then when should fruit be taken? 

  • The most appropriate time is to eat fruit in the morning after drinking a glass of water. Eating fruits during or right after food can make you lose all the essential nutrients present in fruits. 

  • When fruit is consumed in empty stomach it gives a lot of energy helps in detoxification of system.

  • Afternoon is another best time to eat fruit because it slowly increases the sugar level of blood and initiate the digestive tract so that digestion can take place at night.

There should be a pause in between taking meal and fruit of around 30 minutes. This pause allows fruit to be digested properly and all its essential nutrients can be taken up by the body. It is best if fruit is taken an hour or two before or after food because patients with diabetes may experience digestive issues.

Tips for Choosing and Eating Fruits

  • There is no harm in mixing fruits with yogurt. Fruits like melon, pomegranate, and pineapples may be used as components of salad, and fruits can be used with cereals. Until and unless a person has digestive problems fruits can be used in different ways.

  • Canned or packed fruits are not much beneficial as much fresh fruits are. Canned fruits are filled with sugar and have lots of artificial chemicals to preserve these chemicals end up all the nutritional benefit a fruit has.

  • Fruits should be washed before eating under running tap and one should move his hand nimbly over the whole fruit’s surface so that if any germ is present on surface can be removed. Dry the fruit after washing it.

Take Precautions When Combining Certain Fruits and Foods

Some recommend that fruits should be taken solely without combining with food because this will make them emit poisons or undergo decay and ferment in the gut.

There are few incidences that these things might actually happen because the digestive system has very fine ability to segregate food. However, it's better to be safe than sorry and we should avoid mixing foods that shouldn't be eaten together. For example, consuming acid fruits and protein together can hamper digestion. 

What Are Other Tips of Eating Fruit?

The benefits of fruits are immense. Not only are the natural fruits helpful in weight loss (because of high quality fiber content), they are also easily recommended for optimal health and energy levels. Follow the tips below to get better results.

For Exercise

It is much healthier if you consume fruits half an hour before going on exercise or playing sports. With exercise, it is the best time to eat fruit because it will give you extra energy and fruits like watermelons, contain a fair amount of water present in them. This water will keep the body hydrated and will enrich the body with sugars that are good source of immediate energy.


For Different Meals

  • In breakfast you can have pancakes with berries, cereals with peaches or banana, pure grape or orange juice. Or just simply use low calorie yogurt with fresh fruits.

  • In lunch, fruits like peaches, bananas, tangerine, or grapes or fruit salad is also a good option.

  • In dinner cut sections of oranges, pineapple, or grape placed in salad.


In Different Seasons

Eating fruits with the seasons is good medically. The best time to eat ripening fruit is during spring and summer. It is advised that in spring low fat fruits (like fruits with high water content) should be consumed while in summer raw and sweet fruits with vegetables can be healthy diet.


Eat a Variety of Fruits

Since every food has its own benefit so it is important if different fruits are incorporated in the daily diet so that a wide range of nutrients can be obtained and greater benefits can be achieved. Therefore it is important to keep your diet with great types of fruits. 

Researches have proved that fruits and vegetables are very helpful tool in curing many lethal diseases such as cancer and coronary heart diseases and strokes. Using a variety of fruits in diet can minimize the death toll caused by cancer by 20%.


Storage and Safety

Fruits should never be kept next to poultry, seafood or raw meat. They should be always kept separately, even while shopping or at home.


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