Strategy games are far easier to play on the touch screen of a tablet or a mobile. The interactivity and game detail that the tablets provide makes playing such games a treat for both young and old. Moreover, there is a plethora of strategy titles available on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store for you to choose from. The following are some of the best strategy games for iPad that have caught our eye. These games challenge your tactical skills and require sound strategy making to complete the missions.

Best Strategy Games for iPad


Plants vs. Zombies

Plants vs. Zombies is an addictive game in which you have to fight the zombies and protect your garden from them using different kinds of plants. The zombies are going to keep attacking your porch and it will be up to you to thwart their advances by placing the plants in a strategic manner so that all of the zombies are dealt with before they can destroy your garden. The zombies you confront in this game have different skills and so placing a single plant will not kill them all. You will have to keep on changing your strategy throughout the game to be successful in eliminating them all. The game has 50 fun levels and each of them is equally entertaining.

Ages: Older than 9 years

Price: $0.99

Click HERE to download Plants vs. Zombies.


TowerMadness HD

As its name suggests, TowerMadness is a tower defense game in which your task is to protect your sheep from the invading aliens. You have to setup your weapons available to you in such a way that the wave after of wave aliens attacking your towers are unable to penetrate your fortress and gain access to your precious sheep. You will have a whole arsenal of weapons available to you and it will be up to you to figure out how to deploy them to kill the maximum aliens. Moreover, the aliens are not all the same and as the game goes on they become tougher to defeat. As you progress, you will get upgrades for your weapons as well so that you can defeat the new aliens.

Ages: Older than 9 years

Price: $4.99

Click to download TowerMadness HD.


Star Wars: Commander

Star Wars: Commander is an addictive game that allows you to assume the role of a commander and fight your enemies in the battleground. Based on the star wars theme, this game gives you a choice between two factions, the Empire and the Rebellion. You will have to choose either you want to command the AT-STs and TIE fighters belonging to the Empire or want to rely on the heroes like Han Solo and Princess Lea and fight for the Rebellion. Depending on the faction you choose, you will have to build up your base and create an army to defend it from your enemies. You will be assigned missions that you have to complete as well which are going to test your tactical skills to the limit.

Ages: Older than 9 years

Price: Free

Click to download Star Wars: Commander.


Dungeon Defenders: First Wave

Dungeon Defenders: First Wave is a wonderful game that combines the exciting elements of both RPGs and strategy games. It has an amazing interface and challenging levels that keeps you engaged all through the game. Not only do you have to plan traps in this game, you also have to kill enemies and gain loot so that you can level up and face the bosses which present a much sterner test of your skills. The game has a very capable multi-player option as well which allows you to play along with your friends and against other players in the PvP arena.

Ages: Older than 12 years

Price: $2.99

Click to download Dungeon Defenders: First Wave.


Civilization Revolution 2

Civilization Revolution 2 is a highly addictive game that gives you the chance to rule the world. The game makes you the in charge of a place and gives you the opportunity to raise your kingdom by conquering other lands. You will have to make many decisions through the course of the game regarding how you want to run your land and what kind of relations do you wish with your neighboring countries. The gameplay Civilization Revolution 2 offers you a simple one and it is going to keep you hooked for hours. Since it is a turn based game, you will have to do many things within a single turn to achieve your goals.

Ages: Older than 12 years

Price: $14.99

Click to download Civilization Revolution 2.


Total War Battles: Shogun

Total War Battles: Shogun is a strategy game that makes you in charge of a clan and put you in medieval Japan where you have to fight other clans to prove your superiority. You are going to have to build up a base and place your buildings in a strategic manner to encourage the inflow of resources as well as to trap the enemies when they try to penetrate your defenses. There are several units to train and buildings to build as you venture further in the engaging storyline of the game. There is a skirmish mode and multiplayer mode that you can enjoy with this game as well.

Ages: Older than 12 years

Price: $1.99

Click to download Total War Battles: Shogun.


Anomaly Defenders

Anomaly Defenders is an exciting tower defense game in which you have to save your alien planet against the human forces. You will have to build up towers and upgrade them to take on the invading humans. The game offers a number of technological advancements to you that are going to help you in your task of eliminating the humans. You will have to make tactical decisions regarding the use of these towers as well and will have to explode them if necessary to deal further damage to the human forces. Anomaly Defenders has three different skill levels that make it easier for even beginners to master the game as well.

Ages: Older than 12 years

Price: $4.99

Click to download Anomaly Defenders.


Unstoppable Gorg

Unstoppable Gorg is yet another game belonging to the tower defense genre. This game is exciting and realistic and test your tactical skills to the limit. In this game you have to place satellites in strategic places throughout the galaxy to thwart the aliens. These satellites will have to be placed carefully because when the aliens invade, you want them to be in the right place to deal the most damage to them. The game is highly challenging and you will have to keep your wits about you if you want to prevail.

Ages: Older than 9 years

Price: Free

Click to download Unstoppable Gorg.


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