Listening to music while running can help you maintain your rhythm, increase your energy level and make running more enjoyable. Songs with a catchy tune can help you to almost forget you are exercising, rather taking part in a fun, recreational activity. Are you looking to add some more songs to your portable music device? The following is a list of the best running songs of 2014.

10 Best Running Songs 2014


"Pompeii", Bastille

This is song about a man trying to escape a city, while all around him the eruption of Mount Vesuvius is destroying it. This is an upbeat song with 128 bpm that will help you keep your pace and your focus.


"Demons", Imagine Dragons

This song explains that everyone has internal flaws that may or may not be overcome. This song has a steady beat that is not too fast and not too slow. It is a good choice to listen to during a long or short run.


“Harlem”, New Politics

Performed by New Politics, this is a song about hot girls that live uptown. The tempo is wonderful in this song and inspires you to move, which makes it perfect to have as a running song, especially when you make some distance.


“Talk Dirty”, Jason Derulo Feat. 2 Chainz

“Talk Dirty” is about using non-verbal communication and travel is used as a metaphor for sex. With great use of a saxophone and a fast rhythm, this song is a great choice for faster runs or sprints.


"Story of My Life", One Direction

This beautiful song by One Direction tells of an emotional wall that has been put up after experiencing a broken heart. It is a slower song with meaningful lyrics and is a good choice for those who tend to choose an unhurried, more relaxed pace.


"Shake It Off", Taylor Swift

A huge hit by Taylor Swift recently, it is a song about living your life without worrying about what others think of you. This is a great running song with a catchy beat that just makes you want to use up some adrenaline.


“Ten Feet Tall”, Afrojack

This song is about feeling bigger than ever before as a result of being in love. The combination of moderate beat and speed makes this song a good choice for running distances at a consistent pace.


“Lonely Boy”, The Black Keys

Lonely Boy by The Black Keys tells about a guy who loves a girl and is waiting for her, but she doesn’t have time for him. This is a song with lots of guitar and makes you want to dance. It’s got a great beat and will keep you on track.


"True Love", Pink

“True Love” is about loving someone despite their faults, and the song is based on the singer’s relationship with her husband. This song has a good steady beat that will help you maintain a productive pace when running longer distances.


"Wake Me Up", Avicii

Wake Me Up by Avicii is a song about finding out about how your life experiences make you who you are. This is a great song to run to for shorter runs. The beat is constant and fast, which helps runners to focus on their goal.


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