Are you looking for a new job? When you get prapared for the most sought after job skills, like skill involving computers, marketing analysts and healthcare professionals, the last steps is to find the best job sites to carry out your search and then how to go about filling out applications.

Your chances of finding a job are more likely to be successful if you have more options to choose from. For this reason we’ve put together a list of what we believe to be the most popular sites to start looking for that dream job.

Top 10 Best Job Sites in 2014



Despite being one of the newest players in the job search market, Indeed is now the best job site in the world. Every month, the site receives over 100 million unique visitors. Following its inception in 2004, the job search engine can now be accessed in over 50 countries in 28 different languages with a GDP of 94%. Its users benefit from a variety of tools to improve the job search process. These include alerts, plugins for popular browsers Chrome and Firefox, job search on the go, forums, salary search, trends, and new job information delivered by way of RSS. Read the success stories of the over 1.4 million people who landed jobs by using Indeed.



Monster is an effective combination of job search options as well as helpful career tips and a support community. For this reason and more, it held the number one spot as a job search site for quite a while. Monster boasts over one million jobs on a continuous basis. Users have several neat options to choose from when customizing their search to include browsing by earnings, category and time. It is easy to upload your resume and customize it to suit each type of job. Support tools include advice on career choice, salary negotiation, resume building, interview advice and much more.



GlassDoor is a community focused career site that is bent on changing the face of job search sites. It uses Facebook to connect its registered users with their network within a company of interest through its inside connections platform. Members may also browse job listings or get an inside peek into a company’s salary reports, reviews and ratings, types of interview questions, office photos and much more. Employers can also connect with the network by way of GlassDoor’s social recruiting strategies to focus on potential job candidates.



Believe it or not, Craigslist is useful for much more than scoring free stuff or renting out an apartment. Despite being less picturesque and more difficult to navigate than other job search engines, it still makes for an amazing tool for browsing the current job market. You are able to search by location and choose from a wide listing of job categories such as administration, government or education. There are just a few drawbacks with this option: some categories may be too broad, there are lots of scams and potential employers are often flooded with applicants.



CareerBuilder ranks among the leading best job sites. It provides both local and national job listings through its partnership with several newspapers. CareerBuilder is actually the powerhouse for the career sections of over 10,000 web sites, 140 newspapers and some top databases such as MSN and AOL.

CareerBuilder makes job search efficient with several settings and useful features. Users can search by the category of the job, industry, state, city, zip code, degree, date of listing, etc.

With advanced search options, you may exclude the particular companies, titles and keywords. You may sign up for email alerts or upload your resume to search for jobs that match your work experience.



SimplyHired is one of the world’s most extensive job search engines. Both employers and potential hires are connected through the sites performance-based advertising and powerful search engine. There are literally millions of available listings from a diverse job categories and sectors. SimplyHired extends its reach to users on the internet, mobile devices, social networking sites and email through its collaboration with a number of different entities.



Beyond pushes the limits of job search by providing over 35 million members with job listings and helpful career tools. Some of these include latest job trends, interview tips, career assessment tools, news, tips for continuing education and more things.



TweetMyJobs is the answer to the social media fanatic who is looking for a job. Being one of the best job sites, this engine does most of the work for you after just a few easy and quick steps. All that is required is to choose the types of jobs you’re interested in through the sites “job channels” and then connect through either Facebook or Twitter. You will immediately begin to receive recommended job listings based on your preferences directly to your email or social media account. You can also speed things up by creating a TweetMyJobs profile and uploading a resume.



ZipRecruiter has only been on the job search scene since 2010, and is already revolutionizing the way people search for jobs. It is a virtual hub which is a benefit to both employers and job seekers. You can categorize your search by title, keyword, or location to find jobs posted on not only ZipRecruiter but on over 50 different job search engines to include GlassDoor, Monster and Craigslist.



USAJobs is the job search site and career resource page for federal jobs with the U.S. government. With different categories, you will be able to find information on salary, benefits, childcare options and eligibility criteria. The listings are not as extensive as other job sites, but there are still thousands of jobs to search through. It is kept up to date and is the best place to check if you’re looking to land a government job. You may even apply for jobs directly on the site.


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