We've tried to include as many genres as we could, but don’t hate us if this list of feel good movies includes some very popular romantic movies. Because come on! Everybody knows that romantic moves are definitely among those feel good movies to watch.

The Best Feel Good Movies

Don’t scour the end of Google for a list of top 50 or even top 100 movies to make you feel good because we have a much more concise and thus, a better list that everybody likes.

Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion

When it comes to movies about high school, there’s no “feel bad” factor (until and unless they’re like Carrie). So while Mean Girls was all about high school drama, this one is about looking back at all the time spent in school. In this movie, Romy and Michelle reminisce over the type of people they were back as teenagers and look at how they’ve become a better version of themselves today.


Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Now this is the type of movie which will strike a chord with everybody who has watched it. Why? Because heartbreak is a universal phenomenon and who hasn’t wanted to remove all memories of our exes from our minds when we’re undergoing heartbreak? Charlie Kaufman attempts exactly that in this movie, while also shedding light on how much of an inescapable emotion love is.


Love Actually

The first reason you should watch it is Hugh Grant. He’s delicious. The second reason to watch it is because this movie showcases the struggles that people in love have to go through, and how all of them manage to overcome those struggles in the end so that they could be united with the people they love! Definitely one of the best feel good movies you can watch.


The Terminal

Is it a comedy, a romantic movie, a parable or a movie that focuses on friendship? Truth be told, it’s a little bit of everything. Set in an international airport terminal, this movie is based on true events. And although they’ve greatly exaggerated what happened to the man stranded in the airport, it’s a delight to watch.


The Intouchables

This witty, life-affirming, and charming movie focuses on the lives of two friends who are as different as chalk and cheese. So if you’re looking for a movie which talks about friends, then this is it.


Little Miss Sunshine

Imaging living in a family of misfits (a gay uncle, a father who’s a failure, and a grandfather addicted to drugs) and you have the perfect recipe for disaster. Yet, this movie comes out with a strong and beautiful message – it’s not the destination that counts, but the journey.


Much Ado About Nothing

Chances are that you’ve never heard of this Joss Whedon movie. He made it with his friends, and just by looking at the trailer you can see how much fun the entire cast had while shooting the film. It’s a black and white movie with a touching love story that you are going to love watching. You should immediately add it to your list of the best feel good movies to watch.


School of Rock

If you enjoy movies about misfits, then this is it. Jack Black undoubtedly steals the show in a movie about a wannabe school teacher who brings together a class of students to play rock music. What’s even better is that though he became a “teacher” due to selfish and ulterior motives, by the end of the movie he’s matured and becomes a real teacher for these kids. Not to mention the fact that this movie is a dream come true for Rock music lovers.


Groundhog Day

Don’t you just love coming-of-age stories? Bill Murray grows from an adolescent selfish and narcissist man-boy into a loving, caring and mature man. Throw in a little bit of science fiction, a little bit of romance and lots and lots of self-introspection, and you’ve got what some critics have called the most philosophical movie ever made.


Legally Blonde

This movie does not have a single moment in it that can down your spirits. It’s fun, full of color, sparks, heart and will make you laugh at how someone as naive and (let’s face it) stupid as Elle Woods can manage to overcome all the obstacles in her path to get back her ex boyfriend, while also paving the way for her to become a successful lawyer! It is definitely one of the best feel good movies out there that will have you smiling from ear to ear after watching it.


Midnight in Paris

Woody Allen created this underrated jewel in 2011. The protagonist Gil Pender is experiencing a hard time with his materialistic girlfriend but this problem is complicated and exaggerated as he travels back in time every midnight. This movie is about modernism and nostalgia, gives you (and the protagonist Owen Wilson) a glimpse of life in 20th century Paris, and leaves a sweet taste in your mouths after you’re done with the movie.



Those who still think that cartoon and animated films are for children could not be more wrong. In a world where prey and predators live by side, can things truly move on smoothly?

Zootopia is a very surprising chronicle of bias and prejudice that the residents of the city (ie us) still face on a regular basis in one of the world’s most modern/advanced cities. So how do they solve these problems?



Elf is one of Jon Favreau’s most playful movies that stars Will Ferrell in one of his most ridiculously endearing characters – Buddy the “elf”. It’s a Christmas comedy which focuses on the fact that a person is defined by what they do and not by what they are born as. The movie chronicles the misadventures of Buddy, as he leaves the North Pole and gets to experience the life of human for the first time. What unfolds then is something that you will love finding out when you watch this film!


Every Disney and Pixar Movie Ever

Come on! Does this even need an explanation? If you want to go through the best feel good movies, then Disney and Pixar are where you should begin!


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