The state of Texas offers many opportunities for college. Texas is home to many large public colleges to small private universities. This state has something to meet every need and interest. Below is a list of the Top 10 colleges in Texas. The number does not indicate any type of ranking as they are all very good schools.

List of Best Colleges in Texas


Texas Tech

Texas Tech was founded in 1923 as a public research university. Settled in the urban expanse of Lubbock, it ranks number 156 by Best Colleges and National Universities. Freshman need to live on campus until they have reached 30 units. The school houses a top rated football and basketball team. There are ample student organizations with about 50 sororities and fraternities. The university is also home to The National Wind Institute, a research facility.

  • Top majors – Accounting, Business Administration, Biology, Psychology, Speech, Human Development, Child Development, Health and Physical Education and Social Sciences

  • Location – Lubbock, TX

  • Type of College – Public

  • Enrollment – 27,044 students

  • Application Fees – $60

  • Average Tuition – In State $9,317; Out-of-State $20,013


Southwestern University

Southwestern University is the oldest college and one of the best colleges in Texas, built in 1840. It is located near Austin Texas and is a highly respected liberal arts colleges. They no longer have graduate education and are solely an undergraduate school to help students maintain focus in the beginning of their education. They are proud to hold a chapter in the Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society and have a strong athletics program.

  • Top majors – Communication, English, Business, Biology, Drama, and Psychology

  • Location – Georgetown, TX

  • Type of College – Private

  • Enrollment – 1,535

  • Application Fees – not known

  • Average Tuition – $35,240


Rice University

Rice University was founded in 1912 and located in downtown Houston. The campus is 285 acres and has plenty of opportunities for student activities. Students are each assigned to a residential college, which remains their “home base” even if they later live off campus. The school is known for its successful baseball team and students can attend the games for free. This university is actually made up of eight different schools ranging from Humanities to Business.

  • Top majors – Engineering, Biochemistry, Psychology, and Economics

  • Location – Houston, TX

  • Type of College – Private

  • Enrollment – 3,965

  • Application Fees –$75

  • Average Tuition - $38,941


Alamo Community Colleges—Northwest Vista College

Alamo Community College is made up of five different campuses focused on helping students attain degrees and job skills. This is a strong learning centered program with ample counseling, labs, tutoring programs and financial aid. They even help with job placement after graduation. The campuses include San Antonio, St. Phillips, Palo Alto, Northeast Lakeview and Northwest Vista. Students are eligible to transfer to many four-year institutions after graduation.

  • Top majors – General Education Associate Arts/Associate Science Degrees, Kinesiology/Fitness, Teacher Certification, Criminal Justice, Medical and Computer Programming.

  • Location – San Antonio, TX

  • Type of College – Community College

  • Enrollment – 62,377 Comprised of five campuses

  • Admission Fees – Student Activity Fee $1.00 per credit, Campus Access $25.00 per semester, other fees as applicable to program

  • Average Tuition – In District $480; Out-of-District $1,172; Out-of-State $2,210 (tuition depending on semester hours)


Texas A & M University

This is a large public military college a few hours in the middle of Austin and Houston, TX. Because it was once an agricultural and mechanical college it kept the letters A & M, but has now branched out to liberal arts, sciences and engineering. They have a large athletic program known as the “A & M Aggies,” which competes in the Southeastern conference.

  • Top majors – Military College, Engineering, Agriculture, Animal Science, Biology, English, Finance, Health and Physical Education, Mathematics and Biomedical Science.

  • Location – College Station, TX

  • Type of College – Public University

  • Enrollment – 48,039

  • Application Fees - $50

  • Average Tuition – In State $8,506; Out-of-State $25,126


University of Dallas

This school is a small Catholic University that offers one of the largest financial aid grants in the country. There is a small student to teacher ratio, 13:1, and is a member of the Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society. It has a very strong liberal arts and sciences program. The school is quite new, only founded in 1956.

  • Top Majors – Business Administration, Psychology, Theology, History and English

  • Location – Dallas, TX

  • Type of College – Private/Catholic

  • Enrollment – 1,380

  • Application Fees – $50

  • Average Tuition - $33,110


Austin College

Austin College located in Sherman, TX sits on a 70 acre campus. They specialize in liberal arts with focuses in business and psychology. They are a member of the Phi Beta Kappa Honor society. Students are encouraged to participate in community services activities and/or study internationally if possible. This college has a large rate of students who are accepted into graduate schools.

  • Top Majors – Art, Social Sciences, Communication, Biology, Economics. Psychology, Business, and English

  • Location – Sherman, TX

  • Type of College – Private/Presbyterian

  • Enrollment – 1,260

  • Application Fees – Not known

  • Average Tuition – $33,830


Prairie View A & M University

Founded in 1876, Prairie View A & M University ranks on Tier 2 of the Best Colleges and Regional Universities 2015 (Western) Edition. It lies in a rural setting on 1,502 acres. They offer a variety of programs from Agricultural Sciences to Nursing and more. There are over 150 student organizations and a strong athletics department.

  • Top Majors – Health Professions, Engineering, Business Management, Marketing, Psychology, and Legal Professions

  • Location – Prairie View, TX

  • Type of College – Public

  • Enrollment – 6,731

  • Application Fees –$ 25

  • Average Tuition – In State $8,319; Out-of-State $18,052 per semester


Our Lady of The Lake University

Founded in 1895, Our Lady of the Lake University is located in urban San Antonio on 52 acres. They operate on the semester system and this school ranks Tier 2 with Best Colleges and National Universities. It was founded by The Sisters of Divine Providence, A French Catholic order of sisters and houses the Worden School of Social Service.

  • Top Majors – Social Work, Communication Science, Business Administration, Psychology, and Criminal Law

  • Location – San Antonio, TX

  • Type of College – Private

  • Enrollment – 1,555

  • Application Fees –$40

  • Average Tuition - $23,868 per year


Angelo State University

This University was founded in 1928 and is a member of the Texas Tech University System. They offer both undergraduate and graduate programs, which Bachelor’s and Doctoral degrees. The campus sits on 268 acres and offers a wide variety of student activities and organizations. They rank Tier 2 with the Best Colleges and Regional Universities (West.)

  • Top Majors – Health Professions, Interdisciplinary Studies, Business Management, Marketing, Agriculture, Psychology

  • Location – San Angelo, TX

  • Type of College – Public

  • Enrollment – 5,546

  • Application Fees – $35

  • Average Tuition – In State $7,642; Out-of-State $18,502


Other Colleges in Texas

Besides the above-listed best colleges in texas, there are still other options to consider:

  • Texas University at Austin

  • Baylor University

  • Houston Community College

  • Baylor College of Medicine

  • Tyler Junior College

  • Lone Star College

  • Trinity University


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