Watching animated movies with kids is not as bad as it used to be. That’s because unbeknownst to the little ones, there are many jokes that are meant for adults. That makes the movie entertaining to everyone. Here is a list of 8 best animated movies for adults. See if you love and enjoy watching them!

8 Best Animated Movies for Adults

These 8 best animated movies for adults are ordered by release year, from the latest to the oldest. Enjoy!

Puss in Boots (2011)

Even as a cat, Antonio Banderas is sexy. One of his lines in the movie backs this up: “Is it hot in here, or is it me?” It’s you Antonio! This film also features Salma Hayek and Zach Galifianakis. The movie is a spinoff from Shrek. Some of the highlights of this film are Zach Galifiankis as Humpty Dumpty, “You got any idea what they do to eggs in prison? I’ll tell you this, it ain’t over easy.”


Mary & Max (2009)

The story of Mary and Max is charming and insightful. The claymation characters help to soften some of the tougher subjects. Mary is an 8-year old girl who randomly chooses Max as her pen pal. When Mary asks Max where babies come from in America, he tells her that his mother said, “They came from eggs laid by rabbis. If you aren’t Jewish, they’re laid by Catholic nuns. If you’re an atheist, they’re laid by dirty, lonely prostitutes.”


Coraline (2009)

Even though this movie is animated, it’s definitely not for kids. Has been compared to Alice in Wonderland, Coraline tells a story where a young girl, who is invisible to her parents, finds a hidden door that is home to an alternate world. She is almost tricked into staying, but she determines to get back home. The poster for this movie shows the girl looking out a door with “Be careful what you wish for” written on the wall behind her.


Kung Fu Panda (2008)

How can you go wrong with a movie that stars Jack Black, Dustin Hoffman, and Angelina Jolie? Jack Black is the voice of Po, the overweight Panda whose lifelong dream has been to become a Kung Fu warrior. The animation is vivid and perhaps the best that Dream Works has delivered. There are lots of words of wisdom that would be lost on kids, as the Soothsayer said, “Now…the most important time is now.”


Cars (2006)

This movie is one that both kids and adults loved. Owen Wilson, Larry the Cable Guy and Paul Newman make an all-star case for an animated film. The characters are all lovable and they deliver some great lines. Owen Wilson plays Lightning McQueen and at one point says, “Don’t leave me here! I’m in hillbilly hell! My IQ’s dropping by the second! I’m becoming one of them!”


Corpse Bride (2005)

When soon-to-be married Victor goes off into the woods to try to get his vows right, he is surprised when a female corpse rises from the dead. As if that isn’t enough, she believes she is now married to him. The movie is set in a Victorian village in the 1800s, and the voice of Victor is Johnny Depp’s and his corpse bride is played by Helena Bonham Carter. Emily Watson plays the fiancé who thinks she is marrying Victor. 


Walking Life (2001)

This is a movie that may be too grown-up for some adults. It’s an artsy film that focuses on philosophical subjects such as the meaning of life, free will and metaphysics. There is a question about whether the character is dreaming or is his real life a dream. There are lots of questions about dreams: can we control them? What do they really mean? This is an introspective movie if you are in the mood for some deep discussions.


Shrek (2001)

People, as well as myself, are not sure who they like best, Shrek or Donkey. When you put Mike Myers and Eddie Murphy in a movie, you’re going to laugh. Here is one really funny scene: donkey is talking to the dragon, “Oh what large teeth you have. I mean white sparkly teeth. I know you probably hear this all the time from your food, but you must bleach or something cause that’s one dazzling smile you got there and do I detect a hint of minty freshness?”


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