Many people opine that as long as love exists and sweeps you off your feet, age does not really matter. Dating an older guy may be looked at with scorn by some but there are so many relationships such as this that have worked brilliantly. In fact, there are several advantages in dating an older guy. Enlisted here are some of them.

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Secure Future

An older guy has his life planned and treads through the path suitably. He is not that confused little boy who seems to have volatile objectives about his future; something that keeps changing every season. Not only is your future secure financially but you will also have the emotional and physical security with him.


No Immature Games

Little boys are often confused on what they want and hence your relationship may be awesome at one time and thrown off the hook at others. If the relationship is causing a lot of emotional stress on you because of this, then it is not really meant for you. Older guys are beyond such little boy games and if they have a genuine interest, they let it show rather than blowing hot and cold at the same time.


Consistent Behavior

When boys turn into men, not only are they physically undergoing a change but there is dramatic change in behavior and traits they possessed earlier. You may have liked the traits of the young lad but with responsibilities, time and relationships, the man he becomes may be a total stranger to you. However, older guys relatively possess consistent traits that do not undergo big changes even after you establish commitment.


Support and Care

There is no denying that younger men do not extend their support and care if they love you. But there are phases in their life that seem a lot more important to them simply because of shouldering responsibilities. They witness changing and new phases that they are oblivious to when compared to older guys who have the experience and may have seen them all. Therefore, at times when you are low, older guys have the time and can put efforts to pick you up.


Perception of Maturity

It is a scientifically proven fact that girls mature earlier than guys. So chances of you finding someone your age or younger with the same maturity and goals you possess are bleak when compared to seeing such attributes in an older guy. They are far more mature, experienced and know the pitfalls in life before you do for the simple fact that they have crossed them before you did.


Healthy Relationship

Older guys have the ability to understand the depth of a relationship and what is needed to build and maintain it. They may not necessarily be engulfed by the moment and destroy the chemistry or relationship because their experiences may have taught them different lessons. They may have made their share of mistakes when they were younger and they begin to deal with things more logically.


While there are several advantages of dating an older guy, the choice of identifying a suitable partner irrespective of his age vests on you.


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