Well, there’s no denying it’s easier being a girl today than it was 100 years ago. The women’s movement has made remarkable improvements in the last century. And while that’s good, it’s not good enough. Women are still yet to be considered genuinely equal to men, yet to be given the same amount of respect, freedom and liberty as men, and yet to be judged by the same yardstick as men.

Why Being a Girl Is Hard

Let’s begin with how, even after decades of the feminist movement taking its place, women are still considered to go against nature and produce themselves as hairless mannequins, while it’s totally okay for men to be as hairy as apes. Not only is it okay, it’s considered manly if they have hair on the body.

The prejudice the society has on girls

Then of course the cat calling and eve teasing that happens to girls on a daily basis. Wear short clothes – “you’re asking for it”. Wear modest clothes – “Baby, why you being a tease?” There’s just no getting around. Sometimes, even the mere presence of girls gives people the right to “compliment” them till they're wishing they were better off dead.

If women party, they’re easy, attention-seeking sluts and they are open for one night stands. But if women refuse to go to a party, and especially refuse a man, they’re considered complete prudes who are really boring. NOT to mention the constant fear of being stalked, sexually abused or worse raped. Yes, being a girl is hard.


Girls can be hard on girls

And what’s up with this girls vs. girls shit? Why do most girls automatically assume another pretty girl is a competition for them? I don’t see handsome men getting all bitchy because another gorgeous man entered the room. Why do women constantly pit themselves against one another? And why does a girl wearing Loud makeup or short clothes automatically becomes a slut? Women judge other women more than men judge women.

Why? Why do we have to feed into the patriarchal notion that women are inherently catty by nature? We aren’t. We are simply conditioned to believe that we are.


Being a girl is hard… with or without a man

A woman’s position in society is judged by whether she’s committed or not, and even then they aren’t free of judgement. If a girl is in a relationship, she will be judged by her husband, kids, family-in-laws… If she’s single, then she’s probably an ugly virgin who no guy cares about.

Besides, guess what happens if girls decide what they do with their body is their own business and don't want to have children? Well then those girls are obviously narcissistic and selfish women who aren’t fulfilling their womanly duties by becoming a mother.

What's more, if a girl marries and decides to quit her job to take care of the family i.e. husband, kids or grandparents, she may be considered to be someone who just wants to live an “easy” life. But God forbid if she decides to continue her job, because who’s going to look after the children? And don’t get me started on babysitting! The argument about finding-a-nanny vs. mother-taking-care-the-baby-24x7 never stops and never gives the best solution.


Social double standards make girls' life hard

Still not being convinced that being a girl is hard? Sample this. When you’re a highly opinionated girl, you’re a complete bitch. But when a man’s the same, he is considered assertive and “boss” material. If you think you’re beyond this sexism, think again. If you stand up for what you believe in, you’re being stubborn or difficult. But God forbid if you let an argument slide, because then you’re a pathetic doormat who cannot stand up for herself. When you cry to vent your emotions, you’re being over sensitive and over emotional. But when you choose to be stoic, you automatically have ice cold hearts. If you don’t like sports, you’re “such a girl.” If you like sports, you’re “trying too hard” to be like a man.


When it comes to makeup

If you wear makeup, you’re attention-seeking and put your self-worth on the opinion of others. If you don’t, you’re a cat loving spinster who has given up on dating, love and life. Or you’re too ugly for makeup. Either way – nothing seems good enough for society. No amount of makeup or lack thereof is ever right.


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