Every now and again, a cult classic like Naruto makes its way out and makes all fans of anime take a refreshed look at the genre. So if you’ve been looking for something along similar lines, there’s a great chance the following ten examples of anime like Naruto will be right up your street. 

10 Great Anime like Naruto

These 10 anime like Naruto are in no particular order, but each gets good reviews from its fans. Enjoy!


A fans’ favorite and still winning over newcomers each and every day, Bleach introduces a ton of its own storylines while largely following the manga story. Ichigo Kurosaki of Karakura Town takes on the job of substitute Soul Reaper due to the inability of Rukia Kuchiki to perform as he’s expected to. It’s not until later Kurosaki comes across the startling, finding that his classmates also have unique power and are spiritually aware. When Rukia is sentenced to death, it’s up to our hero and his friends to come to her rescue. 


One Piece

A truly brilliant series start off with the King of the Pirates, also called Gol D Roger, being executed, not long after making it clear that his huge treasure known as the One Piece is up for grabs for anyone that tracks it down. This pretty much starts the great pirate era and results in hundreds of pirates setting out to try and find the lost bootie. 


Dragon Ball Z

Peace has now been restored to the planet after Piccolo Jr. was defeated by Goku five years ago. However, things don’t stay peaceful for long as it is usually the case, so again all the weird and wonderful characters are ready and waiting to stir up a little chaos once again. 


Hunter X Hunter

Hunter X Hunter tells a story of a kid, Gon Freecss, who was told from a young age that he was an orphan, but only to find out that his father may in fact still be alive. Since then, he decides to become a good hunter just like his father. During the test of becoming a hunter, he comes to know and makes friends with 3 other applicants, and they all pass the test finally to be a real hunter.



If you’re into the kind of anime that’s exploding with blood, guts and gore, this anime will be right up your street. Claymore is so much more bloody and violent than the average anime and comes highly recommended only to those with a strong constitution and an appreciation for a good dose of guts here and there! It tells the story of shape shifting beings that feed on humans, so it’s not a surprise there’s going be some violence!



A rather terrifying and sinister plotline waits for those who are checking out D.Gray-man, which is all about how the akuma is set out to cause terror for the whole of planet Earth. They are resurrected by pure despair and sadness, therefore they want to share this horror with everyone else. Lucky for us, 15-year-old Allen Walker is having none of it!


Shakugan No Shana

In a far off parallel world, the Crimson Realm is home to the Crimson Denizens who are able to manipulate the Power of Existence. The lords of the Crimson Realm watch over the land and for those Denziens with no regard for maintaining peace with the human world, they’re more than happy to harvest Power of Existence from human beings and use it for their own personal gain. 


Fate/stay night

Shirō Emiya attends to a school in Fuyuki City, where despite being a somewhat normal high school student, he finds himself taking part in the Fifth Holy Grail War–a tournament in which participants fight to the death. The prize on offer is nothing but the Holy Grail itself, which promises to grant the individual lucks to win it. 


Blood Plus

With a name like this, you just know there’s going to be plenty of the stuff spilled, don’t you? Saya Otonashi is a teenage girl, living with her adoptive parents and a troubling case of memory loss. But when she finally starts remembering her past, she realizes that she depended on the blood of other people for survival back then.


Full Metal Alchemist

Brothers Alphonse Elric and Edward Elric live in Amestris and work as alchemists. Sadly, a terminal disease took the life of the boys’ mother and turned their world upside down. However, not content with accepting the rules of nature, Edward decides to come up with a scientific way of bringing her back to life again. They look into the possibility of human transmutation and try their best to make it happen, though when things go wrong and turn into the worse side, it becomes clear why this is one forbidden art they should have stayed away from. 


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