There are several actors and actresses that made a big hit even on their first movie and gained top popularity worldwide because their roles. However, by chance and reasons, they essentially vanished after reaching the top of their career. Below are the 10 actors who were given chances of getting a juicy career and vanished out.

Actors Who Landed Juicy Roles Early in Their Careers and Then Essentially Vanished


Chadwick Boseman

One of the best film that hit America was, Jackie Robinson Biopic 42 that stacked out $27 Million with an A+ cinemascore. Its primary character role was played by Chadwick Boseman who does well enough on his generic role on the movie. However, despite achieving a box office performance, it doesn’t gave Boseman future movie roles. Where could be Chadwick Boseman now?

Boseman was really a good fit as Jackie Robinson, but not for some other roles that are not well-suited to his personality. Probably, after his hit movie, in two years or 3 years, people will forget his name.


Quinton Aaron

One of the biggest hit movies of 2009, The Blind Side, is one of the best hearth-lifting movies of all times not only in America but in the whole world. The main character of the film, Michael Oher was played by Aaron Quinton. He was born in New York City and started singing during his early age and became a choir at age of 9. He does his first acting on a Christmas Play. He several appearances on some movies but his big break come with The Blind Side movie along with the popular and lovely Sandra Bullock and Tim McGraw. The movie globally hit the movie market and Aaron, being the primary character got a good name at it. He got at the top of his career. However, no such big breaks follow his path after The Blind Side, though he got some little guesting projects throughout 2010.


Micah Sloat

Micah Sloat is one of the primary characters on the movie, Paranormal Activity who also disappeared from after having a break on her career. It was in the year 2009 when the Paranorman Activity movie was released and unexpectedly, it came out to be a box office hit that grossed $190 Million worldwide. After that big break, no such big roles were given to her though she appears on the Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones (2014).


Michael Stahl-David

Michael Stahl-David was born in Chicago, Illinois. He was a famous Graffiti artist in Chicago before he moves forward on his acting career in 2001. He was able to get some projects but not major roles until he was given a good chance in the movie Cloverfield, which was his latest movie appearance that gave him a big break. In 2010, he was given a project, which was a dramedy TV series, but the show was cancelled after having only 2 episodes for having a very low rating.Though he was able to reach a good career once, he was no longer give a chance to do movie projects and now is performing theatre.


Rupert Evans

Rupert Evans was known as he plays the role of John Thaddeus Myers in the movie, Hellboy. He is a British actor. He got a big break being one of the casts in Hellboy. After Hellboy, he disappears but there are some British TV shows that allows fans to still see his appearances.

Rupert Evans was born in Staffordshire, England. He build his life and career in Uk where he was able to claim several Television credits that includes, My Family, Crime and Punishment, High Stakes sitcom and several dramas. He was also able to experience his first movie having the role of an FBI agent John Myers with the director Guilermo del Toro on Hellboy. Though he got few movie offers after his break, those roles were not as big as the ones he got at hellboy.


Skander Keynes And Georgie Henley

Skander Keynes and Georgie Henley are playing big roles on the movie, The Chronicles of Narnia that is globally a big movie hit. That movie could be the big break for Keynes and Henley but after that movie, the public haven’t seen their appearance back on the movie industry. The Chronicles of Narnia was the only movie they have ever made together that brought them good names in the field of acting.


Ioan Gruffudd

Ioan Gruffudd got a big break on his acting career on his movie, Fantastic Four. He played the role of Mr. Fantastic, the role that made his career truly fantastic for once. The movie came out to be a big hit not only in America but it hits the global market making him known by his character. Gruffud actually started his acting career when he was 13 years old in the movie Austin in 1986, which was a production of Welsh television. After that, he has done several roles and his good performance leads him to get a lead role in 1996 on a TV remake of Poldark.He also got his first International role in 1997 as the 5th Officer Harold Low in the movie “Titanic.” With all his effort and continuous dream of getting into the big screen, he got the lead character in Fantastic Four in 2005.


Max Record

Max Records was born in 1997. He and his Family moved to Syracuse where he continued his studios at Ed Smith School. When he was included on the movie, Where the Wild Things Are, he got a good role that brings him a good career. He also got a leading role on Blinky, a science-fiction short film, which was released early in 2011. After that, he disappeared and there is no more news of him getting some break-out role.


Sarah Roemer

Sarah Roemer was born in San Diego California where she started her modeling career.She got her first movie project in 2006 on The Grudge 2 movie, playing the role of a high school student. The film was released with negative criticisms, but leads its way of having big gross worldwide. She has gone through various roles including horror movies. She was able to achieve a good break being the love interest in Disturbia and Fired Up. However, despite achieving a good career onece, she ended up on several television roles and guesting.


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