You may love your spouse a lot, but any marriage or relation may fail for varied reasons. This may happen at any time. Marriage is considered stronger than romantic relationships, but the reasons for breaking of both are almost identical. We will discuss the reasons that kill any relationship and make you lose confidence in your spouse. Here is a list of seven reason why you may lose confidence in your spouse:

7 Reasons Why You May Lose Confidence in Your Spouse


Cheating on One's Partner

This is the most disturbing and agonizing reason that cripples any relationship. Unfortunately, this is the most prevalent cause of relationship breakdown. Both partners can commit this mistake, although men cheat more than women. Cheating could be sexual or emotional. Emotional cheating could be solved with less effort, but the sexual one can ruin the relationship forever. 

Mostly, one of the partner out of greed and lust fall in sexual or romantic love with someone else. In rare cases, the reason is some health or medical problem with spouse which affects their sexuality. The other partner feels deprived of sexual intimacy tries to find the pleasure elsewhere. You can improve your sexuality so that the cheating partner finds no reason to betray. But once the trust is broken it is very hard to forgive the unfaithful partner.


Emotional Cheating

The infidelity isn't limited to sexual betrayal. It also includes emotional cheating as well. It means to indulge in an intimate relation which could be only restricted to spouses. Take an example, talking with the opposite sex in an intimate manner that may send vibes that you are available for a relationship. 

It may seem trivial, but getting very close to someone else other than your spouse creates jealousy, misunderstandings and stress in your relationship. Even if someone is one's best friend, but after coming into a relationship you consciously commit that only person very close to you will be your partner. Instead, when people see that their partner laughs more on their friend's joke and have more physical contact then it is a very powerful signal that your partner is crossing the limits.


The Insurmountable ID

Another jolt any relation could have is the selfishness or the separation of life activities. Relationships have to suffer when one doesn't blend their lives with you through mutual activities, recreation and quality time. Having ambitions in life is good, but this can lead to almost separate lives. When you lead a life this way you lose the joy of the relationship. Remember, couples are like a team. 

They should share their parenting, household, financial and socializing duties. Mutual discussion for taking important decision is mandatory for a lively relation. On the other hand, when one of the partner realizes that they don't enjoy conversation, don't have fun together, don't take important decisions together, than they see as signal to rethink about their relationship.


Lack of Communication

When communication becomes painful, most of the people begin to reconsider their relationship. In our countdown it is in fourth position, owing to its importance in success and failure of any relationship. When partners begin to complain, criticize, blame and abuse each other, it is often the threshold of the relation. No communication on the other hand is equally harmful. 

Even if your spouse is a quiet and reserved person, you should encourage them to speak up and participate in conversation. You may begin with small sentences, compliments, praises or requests. Sometimes, one of the spouses is assertive and doesn't let other to express their feelings. This results in sudden discharge of resentment at wrong time, which makes an ailing relation even bitter. Contrarily, some spouses try to avoid any communication to avoid confrontation and the whole process continues.


Addiction or Other Bad Habits

Hundreds of good relationships have been ruined by addiction. Addiction of any kind is equally lethal. Some people begin to use drugs others succumb to alcohol. Addiction and other bad habits come hand in hand. Bad habits such as gambling, sexual infidelity, crimes and addiction and interconnected. 

Once your partner gets hooked to one of these things, chances are high that they will acquire other bad habits too. This is one of the trying times for the spouses. Most of the spouse at this point decide to get a separation or divorce. This is one of the biggest reasons of relationship breakdown.


Lack of Sexual and Emotional Satisfaction

The primary reason one gets in a relationship is to get sexual pleasure. Once the euphoric phase of relationship is over, people begin to get bored. In the beginning, the couple would have sex each day. When the relationship gets old the excitement and spontaneity is lost. Most of the time, men get themselves busy in office work. Women remain busy with house chores and shopping, and they don't find time for sex often.

Once the physical contact is lost, the emotional and psychological contact is also lost or gets weaker. In very rare cases, the lack of sexual desire is due to any real physical reason. Most of the time, people just get fed up. They no more feel excited and thrilled. To strengthen their relationship, both the spouses must make an effort. They may take the help of marriage counseling or therapy. Anyway, this is the number one reason why most men and sometimes women begin to look elsewhere for sexual and emotional satisfaction.


Lack of Respect

A relationship is built on an equal basis. Self respect and self esteem are both important factors that one tries to find in a relationship. If this is missing, this signals the parties that it is time to move on. Ridiculing, abusing, threatening and physical abuse demolishes the self esteem on one hand and create hatred for the spouse on the other.



To make a relationship succeed takes a lot of effort and commitment. But to destroy a relation you don't need to make any effort. Despite this there are some reasons that are a surefire way of destroying your relationship. Lack of respect, lost intimacy, addiction and bad habits and cheating are some of the factors that can break the strongest of companionship.


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