Life goes on. Even if you think that you will not survive after your breakup or divorce, life is larger than your previous relationship. You are wrong if you think that you cannot love anyone after you have been once left or betrayed.

You are strong enough to cope with it. Here are 6 steps that will help you recover after one of the worst experiences:

Part 1


Have fun while you can!

Being single is fun. Now you have more time to concentrate on your goals and dreams. This is when you can take better care of yourself without being considered to be selfish. You have more spare time to do what you enjoy doing. Spend more time with people you like. Invite your friends over or visit your family. Start learning a new language. Read interesting books, attend exhibitions, art galleries and museums. Do sports or anything else to keep you active and involved.


Live today

Having a good memory is a good thing, but only if it does not ruin your present or interfere with your future. All those mistakes that you made a few months or years ago should be analyzed, but correcting them is impossible. The best solution is to let your past be behind. Forget and forgive yourself and others what was done wrong. Stay positive.



After breakups people start doubting they will ever be able to love or be loved again. Actually, you can love and be loved right the minute you break up with your ex. You simply start loving yourself. Do not feel sorry for yourself. It is too humiliating. You deserve more than that. Respect yourself and turn a new leaf – the right time to change everything.


Do not fuss about the small things

God is never in a hurry. Follow the rule and you will always win. When part with some people and meet new ones. This is how it is supposed to be. Look forward to new opportunities. Just imagine how many new people you can now meet and make friends with. No need to attach to anyone. But flirting never hurts. Enjoy company!


Analyze your previous relationship

In order to be more successful in the future we have to analyze our past. Usually we make mistakes. But this is not the worst part. It is far more dangerous not to pay attention to them. Avoid making the same mistakes over and over again. Otherwise you will keep receiving the same negative result and we will never learn to build anything long-term.


Find a new partner

If you feel you are ready for a new romantic relationship and all that it entails, then make sure that you have already got rid of your past. Your new relationship should be much better than any of the previous ones. Do not project the mistakes made by your ex onto your new boyfriend. Do not repeat the mistakes you made in the past. Try to be wiser and use your past experience to make your current situation perfect.


To lose someone who once trusted and loved is painful. However, life does not end there. Take as much time as you need to recover, but then do let yourself enter a new relationship.  Use the tips above and let us know if you know any other tips and hints that can help others cope with the stress.


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